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A stray cat— to whom Lenny relates the Passover story— is allowed
to stay, despite misadventures when he leads the lost Lenny, home.
C h a ik in , M i r iam .
Illus. by Yossi Abolafia. New York, Clar­
ion, 1986. (6-10)
Aviva, who has made aliyah to Israel from Argentina, is frustrated
when her piano cannot fit through either the window or the door o f
her parent’s kibbutz flat, until a terrorist bomb provides a surprising
C l i f f o r d , E t h .
The remembering box.
Illus. by Donna Diamond. Massa­
chusetts, Houghton, 1985. 64 p. (7-10)
Joshua has spent Shabbat with his grandmother, entertained by
her nostalgic stories prompted by items in a “remembering box.”
When she grows older, she prepares Joshua for her death by giving
him his own “remembering box.”
C o h e n , B a r b a r a .
The secret grove.
Illus. by Michael J. Deraney. New
York, UAHC , 1985. 32 p. (8-11)
A wistful story o f a brief friendship between an Arab and Israeli
boy expresses the promise o f peace, symbolized by the fruit o f the
now mature tree, planted in their youth.
C u s h n i r , H o w a r d .
The secret spinner.
Illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn.
Maryland, Kar-Ben Copies, 1985. 40 p. pb (7-11)
Four stories about tsedakah, kindness, caring, and sloth introduce
an old world rabbi who uses modern technology to teach bored chil­
dren in aJewish school. Witty illustrations, but wooden characteriza­
D e P a o l a , T om ie .
David and Goliath; and Queen Esther.
Illus. by the
author. Minnesota, Seabury, 1985. 32 p. he & pb (4-8)
Biblical adaptations whose value lie in De Paola’s charming illus­
trations. Paperback versions provide cutouts to use as finger pup­
pets. Note: Queen Esther is married to “King Xerxes I.”
D im o n t , M a x .
The amazing adventures of the Jewish people.
New Jersey,
Behrman House,. 1984. 176 p. pb (11 up)
This singular history, written in pop-style, uses slang terms but
provides a creditable account; reveals little-known facts, and makes
some serious points.
E v e r n d e n , M a r g e r y .
The dreamkeeper.
New York, Lothrop, 1985. 173 p.
At the height o f Becka’s confusion and unhappiness (her inter­
married parents want a divorce, and her beloved great-grand­
mother will suddenly speak only Yiddish and wants to go to a
nursing home), she becomes privy to her great-grandmother’s story
and gains a sense o f her own heritage.
F r a n k e l , E l l e n .
Choosing to be chosen.
Illus. by Jana Paiss. New Jersey,
Ktav, 1985. 84 p. (8-12)