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Naturalistic stories create moral dilemmas for the main charac­
ters. Each story is followed by discussion, value-clarification ques­
tions, quotes from primary sources and role-playing activities.
*F r e e dm a n , F l o r e n c e
Illus. by Robert Andrew Parker. New
York, Harper, 1985. unp. (5-8)
Two brothers (Seth’s sons Dan and Joel), each concerned that the
other may be in want, meet one night on their errand o f solicitude.
Legend has it that the Temple was built where they met and
embraced. Drawings are in warm, dreamy pastels with golden over­
tones. Winner o f the National Jewish Book Award — Illustrated
Children’s Book, 1986 and the Association o f Jewish Libraries
Award for Best Picture Book.
* G a l l a z , C h r i s t o p h e an d I n n o c e n t i , R o b e r t o .
Rose Blanche.
T r an s l .
from the Italian by M a r th a Co v en t ry an d R ich a rd G r a g l ia . Illus . by
R o b e r t o In n o c en t i. M in n e s o ta , C r e a t iv e E d u c a t io n ,
u n p .
Meticulously detailed surreal paintings symbolically show the hor­
rors o f war and the death o f an innocent young German girl who is
killed after bringing food to starvingJewish prisoners. Inspired by a
true-life anti-Nazi heroine known as the “White Rose,” it needs spe­
cial handling. Winner o f the Batchelder Award for best children’s
translated children’s book.
G a n z , Y a f f a .
Shuki’s upside-down dream.
Illus. by Bina Gewirtz. Spring
Valley, New York, Feldheim, 1986. (4-8)
Shuki is annoyed at his elderly aunt’s impending visit, until an
unusual dream changes his attitude towards the elderly.
The story ofMimmy and Simmy.
Illus. by Harvey Klineman.
Spring Valley, New York, Feldheim, 1985. unp. (6-10)
Two dissatisfied girls exchange places and find out that each pre­
fers her own home, after all. An explication o f “Who is rich? One
who is satisfied and happy with whatever he has” — Pirke Avot 4:1.
G a r f i e l d , L e o n .
The king in the garden.
Michael Bragg. New
York, Lothrop, 1985. 32 p. (5-8)
A retelling o f the account o f King Nebuchadnezzar’s madness
which introduces a new character, a commonsense little girl who
takes charge o f the king and helps to return him to normalcy.
G e l lm a n , E l l i e .
I t ’s Chanukah.
Illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn. Mary­
land, Kar-Ben Copies, 1985. 10 p. board book (2-4)
Shapes and colors o f Hanukkah create a simple concept book
through which young children discover the symbols and games o f
the holiday.
I t ’sRosh Hashanah!
Illus. by Katherine Janus Kahn.
Maryland, Kar-Ben Copies, 1985. 10 p. board book (2-4)
Not only are Benjy and Sara taller this year, but they also show