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increased ability to observe Rosh Hashanah and to perform mitzvot
associated with it. A brightly colored satisfying book for young chil­
Shai’s Shabbat walk.
Illus. by Chari R. Mclean. Maryland,
Kar-Ben Copies, 1985. 10 p. (2-4)
Poster-style illustrations describe the people a boy and his teddy
bear meet while on their Sabbath walk.
G e n e t , B a r b a r a .
Ta-poo-ach means apple.
the author. Colorado,
Alternatives for Religious Education, 1985. unp. (3-8)
A Hebrew alphabet book which identifies twenty-nine everyday
objects or scenes in English, transliteration, and Hebrew — on facing
pages, one letter for each picture. Lively, cartoon-type illustrations.
G r o n e r , J u d y e
W i k l e r , M a d e l in e .
Where is theafikomen?
Kar-Ben Copies, 1985. 10 p. (2-5)
A “peek-a-boo” story with questions about the possible location of
the hidden matzah. A moppet favorite.
G u r d u s , L u b a
Painful echoes: poems of the Holocaust.
Illus. by the
author. New York, Schocken, 1985. 68 p. pb (12 up)
Gurdus’ searing Holocaust experiences in illusive poetry, tran­
scribed from her fading diary, and illustrated with powerful, realis­
tic drawings. In Polish and English. Appendix o f photographs o f the
diaries and other documents.
H a l p e r n , C h a ik y .
The dink that stopped the clock.
Illus. by the author.
Spring Valley, New York, Feldheim, 1985. unp. (3-6)
Queen Ootz-Rootz drives everyone crazy trying to get the palace
ready for the Sabbath. A cartoonish “Shabbos-shpiel.”
H e rm an , E r w in
A g n e s .
The Yanov Torah.
Illus. by Katherine Janus
Kahn. Maryland, Kar-Ben Copies, 1985. 48 p. he and pb (10-14)
survivor tells how a Torah had been smuggled in and out o f
Nazi forced labor camp until it finally reached America. Based on a
true story. Sensitive, moving illustrations.
nominee for the
National Jewish Book Award — Children’s Illustrated Book, 1986.
H i r s h , M a r i l y n .
I love Passover.
Illus. by the author. New York, Holiday,
1985. unp. (3-8)
A mother relates the story o f Passover to her small daughter.
K a r l in s k y , I s a i a h an d S h i ld , R u t h .
My first book of mitzvos.
Illus. with
photos. S p r in g V a lley , N e w Y o rk , Fe ldhe im ,
1985. 42
A ttractive ch ild ren in a trad it iona l Jew ish h om e a re sh ow n as they
p e r fo rm e igh teen d i f fe r e n t mitzvot suitable fo r y o u n g ch ild ren .
K a u fm an , S te p h en .
Does anyone here know the way to thirteen?
chusetts, Houghton, Mifflin, 1985. 157 p. (8-12)
Myron’s parents’ ambivalent attitude towards Judaism and bar
mitzvah, his father’s wish for him to be an athlete — which he can’t