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fulfill — and a bully who torments him, are problems Myron tries to
resolve in his 13th year. Fast-paced, easy reading.
K u s h n e r , A r l e n e .
Falasha no more: an Ethiopian Jewish child comes home.
Illus. by Amy Kalina. New York, Steimatzky/Shapolsky, 1986.
A cultural gap exists between Avraham, a black-skinned Ethio­
pian Jew and his Sabra classmates. The temptation to conform is
there, but he decides not to. A timely, touching book about the
newest immigrants with sensitive charcoal and ink illustrations.
L a w t o n , C l i v e .
Photos by Chris Fairclough. New York, Watts,
1985. 32 p. (7-10)
A visit with a traditional Jewish family in Great Britain. Glossary.
L e a v i t t , Jun e .
The flight to seven swan bay.
New York, Feldheim, 1985.
232 p. he and pb (10-14)
An adventure story designed to teach kashrut and nature; fea­
tures a group thatjourneys to deliver a Torah to an isolated commu­
nity. It crashlands on an island and must — for a while — live as a
“Jewish family-Robinson.”
L e i g h , V a n o r a .
Anne Frank.
New York, Bookwright/Watts (Great Lives
Series), 1985. 32 p. (8-12) High interest level, low reading level
An adaptation o f the Anne Frank biography for younger or
poorer readers.
L ip s on , R u t h .
Shabbos is coming.
Illus. by Nurit Tzarfati. Spring Valley,
New York, Feldheim, 1985. unp. (3-6)
O f all the children’s books about the Sabbath, none but this views
the entire week merely as prelude to the excitement and beauty o f
M a r k , M i c h a e l .
Toba at the hands of a thief.
New York, Bradbury, 1985.
144 p. (12 up)
Toba grows up in these episodes. Still strangely introspective, she
resists being sent to America, but secretly dreams o f the opportuni­
ties there. Toba’s elusive quality will not appeal to any but the sensi­
tive reader.
O s s o w s k i , L e o n ie .
Star without a sky.
Trans, from the German by Ruth
Crowley. Minnesota, Lerner, 1985. 214 p. (11 up)
Based on a true story o f five German boys who find a hidden,
starving Jewish boy and have to decide — as rumors abound o f
advancing Russian troops — whether or not to turn him in to the
P h i l l i p s , M i l d r e d .
The sign in Mendel’swindow.
Illus. by Margot Zemach.
New York, Macmillan, 1985. unp. (5-8)
The whole town comes to Mendel’s aid when a swindler who has