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rented half his store accuses him o f being a thief. But it is Mendel’s
wife who proves his honesty.
P om e r a n t z , B a r b a r a .
Who will lead kiddush?
Illus. by Donna Ruff. New
York, UAH C , 1985. 32 p. (5-9)
One o f the saddest books, but designed to show children o f
divorced parents thatJewish ritual provides continuity in their lives.
R e n b e r g , D a l i a H a r d o f .
The completefamily guide toJewish holidays.
York, Adama, 1985. 255 p. (8-adult)
Despite an error (a photo o f a boy wearing tefillin on Yom
Kippur), this is a good family book which presents thirteen holidays
in a dual format — one for children, followed by another for adults.
Ro sem an , K e n n e t h .
Escapefrom the Holocaust.
New York, UAHC , 1985.
179 p. (12 up)
A do-it-yourself book on the Holocaust which tries to simulate the
experience, but cannot. It informs children about choices Holocaust
victims and survivors might have been called upon to make, but can­
not communicate their anguish and dread.
R o s e n b lum , R i c h a r d .
My bar mitzvah.
Illus. by the author. New York,
Morrow, 1985. (10-14)
A nostalgic recollection o f the author’s bar mitzvah emphasizing
his warm extended Jewish family, the presents he received, and his
day o f glory. More appreciated by adults.
R o s e n f e l d , D in a .
A treefu l l of mitzvos.
Illus. by Yoel Kenny. New York,
Merkos, 1985. 48 p. (4-8)
A tree that wants to perform mitzvot is assured — by the animals it
shelters — that it does, indeed, perform many good deeds.
R o s s e l , S e ym o u r .
Israel: covenant people, covenant land.
New York,
UAHC , 1985. 256 p.
Rossel’s commentary about the land, history, and people o f Israel
includes the concept o f the covenant between God and His people.
S c h u r , M a x in e .
Shnook thepeddler.
Dale Redpath. Minneapolis,
(Gemstone Books) Dillon, 1985. 34 p. (8-11)
A charming tale about a peddler who is more interested in his cus­
tomers than in selling them his wares, and the lesson young Leibush
learns from his example.
S e g a l , S h e i la .
Joshua’s dream.
Illus. by Jana Paiss. New York, UAHC ,
1985. 32 p. (6-10)
Joshua, inspired by great-aunt Rifka’s album o f early Zionists,
longs for the day when he, too, can plant a tree in Israel.
S end ak , P h i l ip .
In grandpa’shouse.
Trans./adapt. by S. Barofsky. Illus. by
Maurice Sendak. New York, Harper, 1985. 34 p. (7-11)
Sendak illustrates his grandfather’s shtetl-based fantasies, stories
through which he intended to teach his children Jewish values.
S h a p i r o , W i l l i a m
New York, Watts (Impact Books), 1984.
88 p. (11 up)