Page 280 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 44

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Yiddish Books, 1985-1986
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distant yet near;
works o f Soviet Yiddish writers. Moscow,
Sovetskii Pisatel, 1984. 540 p. Ed. by Arn Vergelis.
Includes works by Dovid Bergelson, Itzik Fefer, Shmuel Halkin,
David Hofshteyn, Peretz Markish and other Soviet Yiddish writers.
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B r e n n e r , J o s e p h H a y y im .
The Yiddish writings.
Beer Sheva, Yiddish Fac-
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.yrnyw s tra eas^x&a lya^T lyryi tra o$n -ly^ytwonaix nyi o$n lyan
*Compiled on the basis of books received or noted in reliable bibliographical
sources between May 1985 and April 1986. Items not seen by the compiler
have been asterisked.