Page 286 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 44

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^ytJKO’BvoosniKo ^ ipoK a . - ly r 1? nynytn*? i y i V
"iyr .ma ,nvb>n*
.t?y“IO"lK9 .'TT 126 .1984
VK o rm oxn *iytjan
K n s t t iV a g n rp V
. f tv rp a $ ra
.Dy-ID-IKS /TT 88 .1985
." iyr1? .TNn >JSBVD
ik tra
r x o’i-ik pk ym dk7) ian a n s "iyp1? n a yo
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n s "iana p m arxKtrsK
/ t t 142. i985-n"atfn , n s - 1?/ /a’aK'Vn ."iyr1?aai^aga
n s T sr nK ik tra siraftagT y p m y n s oiyoDH n s a ^ p B ^ n r rV k
mskw ip n ’TK-itr’T iK r.T n s Vav m x— n ^ n r ■»# nov* :o’*?Dmax
P a p i e r n i k o w , J o s e p h .
Tel Aviv, I.L. Peretz, 1985. 142 p.
Poems selected from the author’s previous collections; with an
introd. by Abraham Lis: “Joseph Papiernikow — on the anniversary
o f his Eretz-Israel writing.”
,kojk-ikb .aonK yp’a n s t r m x .n y r 1?yaya^py* n m y a yn sg s .bm ,pNp
-ikd’o n s n s r n K hk a r x y n y a ’K .doiVk / t t
,iv .1985 ,k’k
t i k t m ” -ik)
a rx y n y a n t ■ w V m
nx n« o n ? ’ t i k
jja iV agn rpV
t j rm w
dkn ^ x ^ s r n n a
n s yp’aKtwsK
i s
^ n y o a n
n . ( t r ’way
.1982 VK n-1’09 "T’KP3 1948 TIS y*TK3Kp
K o r n , R a c h e l .
Paper roses;
selected poems. Toronto, Aya Press, 1985. iv,
113 p., illus. With translations from the Yiddish and with an introd.
by Seymour Levitan.
Collection o f poems, in Yiddish and in English translation (introd.
in English). The poet, who was born in Eastern Galicia, lived in Can­
ada from 1948 until her death in 1982.
.10K3 /TT 101 .1985 ^Ky-IMKO . T l p3K1 TK .Q'.n ,nSNU>
-ikok^ k tra .’r n n s m , m paKi t k
: ' \ v ' ? p ' n v v x?
n s oaya
.n o D^a
,na*ton<r /a , aK',?n . - iy r 1? ;o r v
n n a y - is
*n . n w ,na \y#
/ t t
.1985 'ravn
ysip k vk ivtn -ly^oKDKn tnVai1?ns opas D^a .nu>n ,i” viybiu>
96. i985-;rntrn .a’aK^n .-isk t o nanya 'n a n ivtn jrVai’?
.arspKoty i n insa^-iK ?nnatt nabt? :nnay .pn^Kp .k i.doi'vk / t t
okv 7yayKs ■ww'd*b*ti Kns(try-iayn ,rcn” ) .aovx yp’a*nBimix
. 1966 ,r-iK3 nK D’lnK Vkd p o n y dix pk
S c h u l s t e i n , M o s h e .
By the pinkas o f Lublin;
dramatic vision in an
ashheap. Tel Aviv, 1985. 96 p., Illus.: A. Kolnik. Hebrew: Shlomo
Shenhod; introd.: David Shtokfish.
Bilingual (Yiddish, Hebrew) ed. o f a dramatic poem, first pub­
lished in Paris, 1966.