Page 290 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 44

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p. Comp, by Susana Balaban Wolkowicz; ed. by Paie Lewin; under
the supervision o f Samuel Rollansky.
Index o f all authors, illustrations, musical compositions, and com­
posers represented in the completed “Masterworks” series.
-ixs o n o ’ryn ^ 'a x 'V n .
t q
u rn ? '
pnx’ > n a nov ,j?, 3 am a x ,ixapx-i 'rxiaay ryny 'w ip 'y’x p inyn / t t 111
p s rna’trm o x i
lyV rsw oxn lyansxip y tro o n o yV y a n x ly ^o y
•H” yTyr^y-i ”a
p h
Yiddish and Yiddishkeit;
collection. Tel Aviv, World Council for Yiddish,
1986. 111 p. Eds.: Emanuel Rackman, Abraham Bick, Yosef Bar-El,
Yitzhak Korn.
Essays and belles-lettres devoted to the role o f Yiddish in ortho­
dox Jewish life.
—itn s tr iyT3iK ix
i y i ib tpx .*ry*i ,/i .>
nx .p ,tyv»nNpu>Nn
D’rca myi v,y a r r x nstra i i a ’1? n so nxxwV naa ^na^aa . a r r x
• r ’ow ra n “inox t.ooiVx / t t
.anom ^ x -w - n x a iyVipo ’v om
.’a n t r -n a n a r x iVw yT r r to n r « "irra’p “ixs m any1?
62 .1985 ^ y o x c s *pot}yii$o ,snipoxa . a n ? ’ n s
(9 (57) l a x ^ n u roynxo n s p y o x ^ a 'a ) /
oay^msy-ixs lya^T ya*?yn ,19— l . a n D 'n a ’VurT?’ n n s i v a n
o y a x ^ a m ,1983 n « 1982 ,1980 n x ' ’i r x n x n y *
.Ha^a^n aroynxo,
S h e h e e n , D e n n i s ,
A child’s picture English-Yiddish dictionary.
York, Adama Books, 1985. [44] p., illus.
A Yiddish-English picture dictionary with an illustrated section o f
words accompanying each letter o f the alphabet. Illustrations are
identified in both languages.
v w s ’u w ,m * b g n i w , ] j> n p b n N i a v » a
oitveoa’x n y t rn $ o o ’n l y v n v ,y o n x n .23,22 .-ra
anyya i n s “iv p y b a
.flWnriKB ,.D01*X . i a 2 .1985-1984 ,l*?n9 VK
nnn o m x ’p t r a ?ynyo ly trnxBO ’n -w v n v - a p y iB
i v t
p s i a y a y n
.tzr’n ay n x tf’Vns
Bleter f a r geshikhte;
annual, vols. 22, 23. Warszawa, Zydowski Instytut