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Anglo-Jewish Books
A l - R a h e b , H a n i .
The Zionist character in the English novel.
London, Zed
Books, 1985. 224 p.
An exploration o f the emergence and development o f Jewish and
Zionist characters in English fiction between 1817 and 1967.
M e l l y , G e o r g e .
‘Its all writ out fo r you’: the life and work o f Scottie Wilson.
London, Thames & Hudson, 1986. 104 p.
An account o f the life and paintings o f this Glaswegian Jew who
only discovered his ability to draw at the age o f 40. His paintings
were subsequently collected by Picasso.
S i l v e r , K e n n e t h
E. and
G o l a n , R em y .
Circle ofMontparnasse: Jewish art­
ists in Paris,
1905-45. London, Lund Humphries, 1986. 128 p.
W e i n s t e i n , J a y .
Collectors’guide to Judaica.
London, Thames & Hudson,
1985. 240 p.
B r e n n e r , A l h a l y a .
Israelite woman: social role and literary type in biblical
Sheffield, JSOT Press, 1985. 144 p.
C h i l d s , B r e v a r d
Old Testament theology in a canonical context.
SCM Press, 1985. 272 p.
The author argues that a canonical approach to the Old Testa­
ment opens up a fruitful avenue along which to explore the theolog­
ical dimensions o f the biblical text.
C o a t s , G e o r g e
W., ed.
Saga, legend, tale, novella, fable: narrative forms in
Old Testament literature.
Sheffield, JSOT Press, 1985. 160 p.
F i s h b a n e , M i c h a e l .
Biblical interpretation in ancient Israel.
Oxford Univ. Press, 1985. 630 p.
G i b s o n ,
Edinburgh, St. Andrew Press, 1985. 224 p. (Daily
Study Bible Old Testament).
G o r d o n , R o b e r t
1 & 2 Samuel.
Exeter, The Paternoster Press, 1986.
250 p.
Concentrates on exegesis with attention to linguistic and textual