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H a b e l , N o r m a n
The book ofJob.
London, SCM Press, 1985. 700 p.
D e J o n g e ,
Outside the Old Testament.
Cambridge, Cambridge Univ.
Press, 1985. 264 p.
Extracts from, and introduction to, twelve writings dealing with
prominent Old Testament figures.
K e d d i e , G o r d o n J .
Even in darkness: studies in Judges and Ruth.
Evangelical Press, 1985. 144 p.
K n i g h t , G e o r g e A .F .
New Israel: Isaiah 56 -66 .
Edinburgh, Handsel
Press, 1985. 144 p.
M c K a n e , W i l l i a m .
Jeremiah. Vol. 1: chapters 1-25.
Edinburgh, T.
Clark, 1985. 780 p. (International Critical Commentary).
N i c h o l s o n , E r n e s t W .
God and his people: covenant and theology in the Old
Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1986. 240 p.
Deals with a prominent issue in critical biblical studies — God’s
covenant with Israel.
O h l e r , A n n e m a r i e .
Studying the Old Testament: from tradition to canon.
Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1986. 400 p.
A new guide to help students towards a fuller and more systematic
understanding o f the Old Testament.
O s w a l t , J o h n .
Isaiah 1-39.
Exeter, The Paternoster Press, 1986. 672 p.
P a r t a i n , J a c k
D e u t s c h , R i c h a r d .
A guide to Isaiah 1-39.
SPCK, 1985. 320 p.
P a t r i c k , D a l e .
Old Testament law.
London, SCM Press, 1986. 288 p.
A basic introduction to its principles and historical context.
P a y n e , D a v i d
Edinburgh, St. Andrew Press, 1985.208 p.
(Daily Study Bible Old Testament).
W o o d s , D a v i d
Elisha: the neglected prophet.
Stevenage, Driftway Publi­
cations, 1986. 128 p.
A r k e l , D . v a n .
The roots of anti-semitism in Europe.
London, Croom Helm,
1986. 300 p.
A s t o r , G e r l a n d .
The last Nazi: the life and times of Dr. Joseph Mengele.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1986. 336 p.
B a r - Z o h a r , M i c h a e l .
H itler’sJewish spy: the most extraordinary true spy story
o f World War II.
London, Sidgewick & Jackson, 1985. 228 p.
The true story o f Paul Ernst Fackenheim, the only Jew to have
been released from a concentration camp during World War II in
order to spy on the British in Palestine.
B a u m a n , J a n i n a .
Winter in the morning: a young g irl’s life in the Warsaw
Ghetto and beyond
1939 -1945 .
London, Virago, 1986. 256 p.
Autobiography o f the authoress’experiences based on the diaries
she kept as a teenager.