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B e n - A r i e h , Y e h o s h u a .
Jerusalem in the nineteenth century.
Croom Helm, 1985. 448 p.
B l a k e n e y , M i c h a e l .
Australia and the Jewish refugees.
London, Croom
Helm, 1986. 330 p.
Examines Australia’s attitudes and official responses to the enor­
mous problems caused by the influx o f many Jews attempting to flee
Hitler’s Germany.
C a n e t t i , E l i a s .
Human province.
Tr. from the German by J. Neu-
groschel. London, A. Deutsch, 1986. 288 p.
A collection o f his essays covering topics from Confucius to
C a r r , W i l l i a m .
Hitler: a study in personality and politics.
New ed. London,
E. Arnold, 1986. 258 p.
C o h e n , M i c h a e l
Churchill and theJews.
London, F. Cass, 1985. 388 p.
An assessment o f Churchill’s fluctuating policies towards the Jews
during his long political career.
D a y a n , Y a e l .
My father, his daughter.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
1985. 272 p.
E l e y , G e o r g e .
From unification to Nazism: reinterpreting the German past.
London, Allen & Unwin, 1986. 296 p.
The author presents an alternative to the traditional thought on
Germany’s differences with the West and the origins o f Nazism.
F r e u d , E r n s t
L. et al., eds.
Sigmund Freud: his life in pictures and words.
from the German by C. Trollope. New ed. Harmondsworth, Pen­
guin, 1985. 352 p.
G i l l i n g h a m , J o h n .
Industry and politics in the Third Reich: Ruhr coal, Hitler
and Europe.
London, Methuen, 1985. 160 p.
H a d a r i ,
Z. and
T s a h o r ,
Voyage tofreedom: an episode in the illegal immi­
gration to Palestine.
London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1985. 214 p.
A dramatic account o f two ships carrying unauthorized immi­
grants from Romania to Israel in 1947.
I r w i n ,
The Middle East in the Middle Ages.
London, Croom Helm, 1986.
192 p.
I s b i s t e r ,
Freud: an introduction to his life and work.
Oxford, Polity
Press, 1985. 325 p.
J a g e r s m a , H .
A history of Israel from Alexander the Great to Bar-Kochba.
London, SCM Press, 1985. 224 p.
A sequel to A history o f Israel in the Old Testament period.’
J o n e s , M a r t i n .
Failure in Palestine: British and United States policy after the
Second World War.
London, Mansell, 1986. 350 p.
K l a r s f e l d , S e r g e .
The children of Izieu: a human tragedy.
Wells, Costello, 1985. 128 p.
Story o f a group o f 44 Jewish children who, after finding refuge in