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the town o f Izieu, were rounded up without warning and deported
to Auschwitz. Only one teacher escaped to bear witness.
K o c h ,
Aspects o f the Third Reich.
London, Macmillan, 1985. 619 p.
L a n z m a n n , C l a u d e .
Shoah: oral history of the Holocaust.
Penguin, 1986. I l l p.
L e h n , W a l t e r
D a v i s , U r i .
TheJewish National Fund.
London, Kegan
Paul Int., 1986. 300 p.
A documentation o f the JNF including legal documents made
available for the first time in English translation and in Hebrew fac­
L e v i , P r im o .
Periodic table.
Tr. from the Italian by R.R. Rosenthal.
London, M. Joseph, 1985. 234 p.
L u c a s , J a m e s .
Last days of the Reich: the collapse o fNazi Germany, May 1945.
London, Arms & Armour Press, 1986. 256 p.
A panoramic portrait o f Europe in the wreckage o f World War II.
M c A u l e y ,
London, Burke, 1985. 112 p. (World Leaders
Past & Present).
A biography written for children.
M a c k a y , R u d d o c k
Balfour: intellectual statesman.
Oxford, Oxford
Univ. Press, 1985. 388 p.
N e h e r , A n d r e .
Jewish thought and the scientific revolution of the sixteenth cen­
tury: David Gans (1541 -1613 ) and his times.
Tr. from the French by
David Maisel. Oxford, Oxford Univ. Press, 1986. 240 p. (Littman
library o f Jewish civilization).
Biography o f the relatively little-studied pioneer o fJewish histori­
ography and astronomy.
N i c o s i a , F r a n c i s .
The Third Reich and the Palestine question.
London, I.B.
Tauris, 1986. 296 p.
Reveals how pre-war Nazi Germany encouraged Jewish emigra­
tion to Palestine, not only to solve the ‘Jewish problem’ in Germany
but also to increase Arab nationalist pressures on Britain.
R e i n h a r z , J e h u d a .
Chaim Weizmann: the making o f a Zionist leader.
Oxford, Oxford Univ. Press, 1985. 576 p.
R o g g e r , H a n s .
Jewish policies and right-wing politics in Imperial Russia.
London, Macmillan, 1986. 304 p.
An inquiry into the motives o f official anti-Semitism and the ori­
gins o f right-wing radicalism in Tsarist Russia.
T a y l o r , S im o n .
Prelude to genocide: Nazi ideology and the strugglefo r power.
London, Duckworth, 1985. 228 p.
W e s c h l e r - V e r e d , A r t u r .
Jascha Heifetz.
R .
Hale, 1986. 256 p.
W i s t r i c h , R o b e r t .
H itler’s apocalypse: Jews and the Nazi legacy.
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1985. 309 p.
Z w e i g , R o n a l d W .
Britain and Palestine during the Second World War.
London, Royal Historical Society, 1986. 224 p.