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P r a g a i , M i c h a e l J .
Faith and fulfillment: Christians and the return to the
Promised Land.
London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1985. 308 p.
The story o f Christians who entered into dialogue with the Jews
living in their midst, and have worked to realize the goal o f the
return o f the Jews to the Holy Land.
R e n d t o r f f , R o l f .
The Old Testament: an introduction.
London, SCM Press,
1985. 352 p.
R o b e r t s o n , R i t c h i e .
Kafka: Judaism, politics and literature.
Oxford, Cla­
rendon Press, 1985. 352 p.
Explores the literary and historical context o f Kafka’s writings
and the link between them and his emergent sense o f Jewish iden­
R u s s e l l ,
From early Judaism to early Church.
London, SCM Press,
1986. 160 p.
A sequel to
Between the Testaments,
covering biblical interpretation,
spirituality and other aspects o f the intertestamental period.
S a l i b i , K a m a l .
The Bible camefrom Arabia.
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The author contends that the kingdoms o f Solomon and David,
and the site o f the first Temple were in a coastal strip south o f Mecca
and not in Palestine. He found that all the biblical place-names listed
in a gazetteer o f Saudi-Arabia were located in an area bordering the
Red Sea north o f Yemen.
S a n d e r s ,
Paul, the law and the Jewish people.
London, SCM Press,
1985. 240 p.
Published for the first time in paperback, this study discusses
Paul’s view o f the land and his relations with his fellow-Jews.
S c h u r e r , E m i l .
History o f theJewish people in the age ofJesus Christ.
3 .
Tr., rev. and ed. by Geza Vermes and others. Edinburgh, T. & T.
Clark, 1986. 600 p.
W e i s s , J o s e p h .
Studies in Eastern European Jewish mysticism.
Ed. by David
Goldstein. Oxford, Oxford Univ. Press, 1986. 288 p. (Littman
library o f Jewish civilization).
B e c k , S t e p h e n M .
Year o f crisis, year of hope and the pogroms o f 1881-82:
Russian Jewry.
London, Greenwood Press, 1985. 288 p. (Contribu­
tions in ethnic studies).
I s r a e l , J o n a t h a n I .
European Jewry in the age o f mercantilism, 1550-1750 .
Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1985. 300 p.
A survey o f Jewish life and culture in early modern Europe.
K o p s , B e r n a r d .
Neither their honey nor their sting: an informal history o f the
Jewish people.
London, Robson Books, 1985. 154 p.