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A pithy and often funny account o f the Jewish people and the rise
o f modern Israel. With drawings by Martin Weiner.
P a r f i t t , T u d o r .
Operation Moses: the story o f the exodus o f the Falasha Jews
from Ethiopia.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1985. 132 p.
R a p h a e l , C h a im .
Road from Babylon: the story o f the Sephardi and Oriental
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1985. 294 p.
R e jw am , N is s im .
TheJews of Iraq.
London, Weidenfeld &Nicolson, 1985.
296 p.
Detailed acount o f Iraqi Jews from the time o f Assyrian captivity
to the Arab conquest; their encounter with Islam and their last years
in Iraq before virtual liquidation in the early 1950’s.
Rom a in , J o n a t h a n .
Anglo-Jewry in evidence: a history o f theJews in England
through the original sources and illustration.
London, Michael Goulston
Educational Foundation, 1985. 186 p.
S h a v i t , S h l o m o .
Encyclopedia o f Jewish history.
London, Facts on File,
1986. 324 p.
S h ip la k , A b b a s .
The lure of Zion: the case o f the Iraqi Jewish community.
A l-Saq i,
1986. 192 p.
Based largely on archival materials in London and Baghdad
which have only recently become available, it recounts the contro­
versial events surrounding the exodus o f Iraqi Jews to Israel in the
early 1950’s.
A n t o n i u s , S o r a y a .
The lord.
London, H. Hamilton, 1986. 224 p.
Set in Jerusalem and Jaffa between the wars the story paints a por­
trait o f Palestine as seen through the eyes o f an English Mission
F r a n k , A n n e .
Anne Frank’s tales from the secret annex.
Tr. by Ralph
Mannheim and Michel Mok. London, Viking, 1985. 144 p.
A collection o f her short stories, fables and reminiscences which
she kept in a separate journal.
G o l d i n g , L o u i s .
Magnolia street.
With a foreword by Rabbi Lionel Blue.
London, Gollancz, 1986. 616 p.
Classical saga o f a working class Jewish/Gentile community in
Manchester. First published in 1932.
J a c k o u t , Am n on .
Borrowed time.
London, H. Hamilton, 1986. 224 p.
A thriller set in the Middle East.
K en a n , Am o s .
The road to Ein Harod.
London, Al-Saqi, 1985. 144 p.
A political thriller with serious undertones showing the conflict
between Jews and Arabs in Israel today.
K h a l i f a , S a h a r .
W ild thorns.
London, Al Saqi, 1985. 208 p.
Story o f a young Palestinian who joins the resistance movement