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and enters the West Bank to blow up a bus carrying Palestinians to
Israel. He is shocked by the way people have adjusted to life under
military rule.
P r im o .
I f not now, when.
London ,
Jo seph ,
1986. 352
Based on a true story, it chronicles the adventures, crises and
inner transformation o f a band o f Jewish partisans — Russian and
Polish — in the closing days o f World War II.
S in g e r , I s a a c B a s h e v i s .
The image and other stories.
London, J. Cape,
1986. 320 p.
W a n d o r , M i c h e l e n e .
Guests in the body.
London, Virago, 1986. 176 p.
A sequence o f intriguing stories woven around the Dybbuk.
B e rm a n t , C ha im .
What's the joke: a study ofJewish humour through the ages.
London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1986. 272 p.
Rich in amusing detail and full o f humorous anecdotes, this is a
serious study by the well-known Jewish writer and columnist.
B l u e , L i o n e l .
Kitchen blues: recipes fo r body and soul.
London, Gollancz,
1985. 192 p.
Rabbi Blue, who has a following o f millions from his early morn­
ing appearances on the radio, shares his love o f food, his menus and
his memories.
E l i e z e r , B en .
More o f the world’s best Jewish jokes.
London, Angus &
Robertson, 1985. 96 p.
H a a s e , R i c h a r d .
Jewish regional cookery.
London, Macdonald, 1985. 224
The Jewish manual.
London, Sidgewick & Jackson, 1985. 304 p.
A facsimile edition o f the first Jewish cookbook to be issued in
English in 1846.
S t e v e n
G a l n o o r , I t z h a k .
No laughing matter: a collection of
political jokes.
London , Routledge & Kegan Paul,
1985. 177
R o s e , E v e l y n .
The newJewish cuisine.
London, Jewish Chronicle Publica­
tions, 1985. 416 p.
A healthy approach to Jewish cooking — showing how to use both
traditional and new recipes without the traditional Jewish ‘heavi­
Z e f f , L in d a .
Jewish London.
London, Piatkus, 1986. 192 p.
An information-packed guide book which includes information
on sightseeing, hotels, restaurants, synagogues etc.