Page 325 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 44

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Contributors and Editors
D r . M a r c D . A n g e l ,
rabbi o f Congregation Shearith Israel, New York,
and author o f works on Sephardic Jewry.
Z a c h a r y
B a k e r ,
head o f technical services and Yiddish department,
Jewish Public Library, Montreal.
D r . S a la m o n F a b e r ,
rabbi emeritus, Kew Gardens Anshe Sholom Jewish
Center, Kew Gardens, N.Y.
D r . L e o n a r d G o l d ,
chief, Jewish Division, New York Public Library.
D r . E m a n u e l
G o l d sm i t h ,
associate professor o f Yiddish, Queens
College, CUNY; co-editor,
DynamicJudaism: The Essential Writings of
Mordecai M. Kaplan.
P a u l a G r i b e t z G o t t l i e b ,
director, JWB Jewish Book Council.
D r . E d w a r d L. G r e e n s t e i n ,
associate professor in Bible, Jewish Theo­
logical Seminary o f America.
P a t r i c i a
H a r r i s ,
assistant librarian, Institute o f Jewish Affairs,
London, England.
B r a d S ab in H i l l ,
curator o f Hebraica, Rare Books Division, National
Library o f Canada, Ottawa.
D r . J a c o b K a b a k o f f ,
professor emeritus o f Hebrew and Jewish Studies,
Lehman College; editor,
Master o f Hope: Selected Writings of Naphtali
Herz Imber.
D r . N a t h a m
K a g a n o f f ,
librarian, American Jewish Historical Soci­
ety; editor and bibliographer.
D r . C a r o l e
K e s s n e r ,
assistant professor, Comparative Literature and
Judaic Studies, State University o f New York at Stony Brook.
G e t z e l K r e s s e l ,
author o f
Cyclopedia o f Modern Hebrew Literature
and o f
numerous works on Zionism, Hebrew literature and bibliography.
L in d a P. L erm an ,
administrative librarian for public services, Library o f
the Jewish Theological Seminary o f America.
D r . B . B a r r y L ev y ,
associate professor o f Biblical Literature, McGill
University; author o f commentary on the Neophyti Targum.
D r . J o s e p h L o w in ,
national director o f adult Jewish education at
D r . J o h a n n M a ie r ,
director, Institut fur Judaistik der Universitat zu
Koln; author and editor o f numerous books on Jewish subjects.
D r . I s r a e l M e h lm a n ,
Israeli bibliophile and author o f
Genuzot Sefarim,
volume o f bibliographic essays.
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