Page 326 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 44

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D r . M a r c i a P o s n e r ,
library consultant, JWB Jewish Book Council and
Federation o f Jewish Philanthropies o f New York.
D r . L e o n a r d P r a g e r
teaches literature at the University o f Haifa.
M i c h a e l R i e g l e r ,
Judaica librarian, Jewish National and University
Library, Jerusalem; bibliographer.
D r . M en ah em S c h m e l z e r ,
librarian and professor o f medieval Hebrew
literature, Jewish Theological Seminary o f America.
Y a a k o v S h a v i t
teaches Jewish history at the Tel-Aviv University
and is the author o f numerous works dealing with Zionist and Eretz-
Israel history.
D r . Y e c h i e l S z e i n t u c h ,
senior lecturer, Yiddish department, Hebrew
University o f Jerusalem; author and editor o f Yiddish works.
R abb i T h e o d o r e W i e n e r ,
Judaica cataloger, Subject Cataloging Divi­
sion, Library o f Congress.
D r . L e o n I. Y u d k in
teaches modern Hebrew literature at the University
o f Manchester and is the author o f works o f literary criticism.
D r . H e r b e r t
Z a f r e n ,
director o f libraries and professor o fJewish bib­
liography, Hebrew Union College-Jew ish Institute o f Religion,