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modern Jewish thought in helping to think through encounters
with secular society.4
Prof. Schweid offers a most lucid formulation of many aspects
of his thought in
The Cycle o f Appointed Times: The Meaning o f the
Jewish Holidays
(Hebrew, Tel-Aviv, 1984). Conceived of as an
interpretive commentary on the holidays and festivals of the Jew­
ish year, this work comprises a veritable treasure of erudite infor­
mation spanning the fields of history, philosophy, social science,
Bible exegesis, etc. To this reader, it is also a source of inspiration
to reach out for wider horizons in comprehending the essence of
4 See his
Mysticism andJudaism According to Gershom G. Scholem, a Critical Analysis.
Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought. Supplement II. (Hebrew, 1983).