Page 104 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 45

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All the shops in town are closed,
But the market place itself is wide open
On all four sides.
All the little houses stand erect and bright,
Blessed with the gracious gift of rest,
As secure in the hand of God, praised be He,
my hand in the hand offather.
I was five years old then,
And father’s age was
The world grabs me with hands that pierce.
It carries me to the pyre, to the auto-da-fe.
I burn and burn but am not consumed
I rise again and march away.
I sow my poems as one sows seeds,
They sprout and grow like stalks and weeds,
A plow am I and turn the soil,
I rise again and march away.
The sense of immortality and the closeness to God is power­
fully conveyed in “Stars.”
I lift my eyes to a heaven of stars
And behold as the stars whisper secrets to stars,
And behold as a star draws so nigh to a star.
I ’m small but still smaller are stars,
I barely can see them. I search for the star
Who may be my own guardian and guide among stars.
My father once said: Everyone has a star,
A guardian in heaven. You too have a star.
He also once said: Every Jew is a star
For God promised Abram
As stars
Will your folk be and countless, God’s stars.
As a child and a grownup, in the course of the stars
My paths and my circles were drawn by my star.
Before I was born
my dream among stars
And after I leave
my truth ’mid the stars.