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a Hebrew one are devoted, and H. Leivick, who is the subject of
an English article containing also samples of his work in transla­
tion and of two Yiddish articles. Both authors exemplify the liter­
ary genius of our people in modern times. Agnon, in Hebrew,
and Leivick, in Yiddish, each gave unique expression to the tow­
ering events that affected the Jewish soul in our century.
The tragic death of Primo Levi on April 11, 1987, at the age of
67, removed from the literary scene an Italian-Jewish author and
survivor of Auschwitz who has been hailed as one of the most
gifted writers of our time. Joseph Lowen’s article, which was
intended as an appreciation of Levi’s work, is now regrettably also
a memorial tribute to him.
It is with great sorrow that we record the deaths of two of our
valued contributors. Dr. Elias Schulman, an authority on Yiddish
literature, passed away on June 19, 1986, in Israel where he was
to receive the Itzik Manger prize for literary creativeness in Yid­
dish. Getzel Kressel, whose competent works and studies on
Hebrew literature, bibliography and the history of the Yishuv
earned him many prestigious awards in Israel, died on Septem­
ber 4, 1986. An evaluation of his contributions by Zvulun Ravid
appeared in vol. 38 (1980-81) of the
We owe a debt of gratitude to all our contributors who have
dealt with subjects covering a wide range of literary creativity. Of
special note is Natan Gross’ survey of writing on Jewish themes in
Poland. Although the Jewish community of Poland has been
reduced to but a few thousand, increased interest has been evi­
denced in books about Polish Jewish history, and in belles-lettres
dealing with Jewish characters and material.
Our bibliographers have again presented their listings of the
year’s literary output in America, England and Israel. The
bibliographies of English, Hebrew and Yiddish books cover
broadly the period between April 15, 1986 and April 15, 1987.
We again express our appreciation to the JWB for its role in
sponsoring the activities and publications of the Jewish Book
Council. We are pleased to acknowledge the support of the
Lucius N. Littauer Foundation and the contributions of the Jacob
and Hilda Blaustein Foundation, the Morris J . and Betty Kaplun
Foundation, the I. Edward Kiev Library Foundation, the Joseph
Meyerhoff Fund, and the Irving and Bertha Neuman Founda­