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Festschrift for Abraham Katsh.20 In Israel many Festschriften
are issued within periodicals or serial publications. Indeed, each
of the eighteen volumes of
published by the Israel
Exploration Society, has been a Festschrift.21 This leads to the
question: When is a volume dedicated to a scholar not a
Hebrew Union College Annual
has routinely dedicated
a given volume (generally) to the memory of a recently deceased
member of the faculty.22 Similarly, the first volume of the
musicological periodical
(Magnes Press, 1968) was dedi­
cated to Eric Werner, and the second volume of
(Bar-Ilan University Press, 1986) to Avraham Rubin­
stein. In all these cases librarians would probably not consider
these volumes Festschriften because their contents were not spe­
cially solicited to honor the individual. The material was gathered
for the sake of publication, the dedication being incidental. Nev­
ertheless, there are those who would want to consider these
Festschriften as well.
As can be seen, the change from the Jewish Festschrift to the
Festschrift in Jewish studies is a reflection of the changes which
have taken place in the world in general and in the academy in
particular. But the field ofJewish studies has never been stronger
and the Festschrift has never been more popular. In the past one
might expect a Festschrift every few years; presently many
appear each year. Indeed, among the Festschriften presently in
the works are volumes for Yehoshua Blau, William G. Braude,
Jacob Kabakoff, and Geza Vermes.
Ken yirbu!
vol. 26.
21 The following is a chronological list o f those honored by a Festschrift pub­
lished as a volume o f
: 1. Moshe Schwabe; 2. Zalman Lif; 3.
Umberto Cassuto; 4. Yitzhak Ben-Zvi; 5. Benjamin Mazar; 6. Mordecai
Narkiss; 7. L. A. Mayer; 8. E. L. Sukenik; 9. W. F. Albright; 10. Zalman Shazar;
11. Emanuel Dunayevsky; 12. Nelson Glueck; 13. Moshe Stekelis; 14. H. L.
Ginzberg; 15. Y. Aharoni; 16. Harry M. Orlinsky; 17. A. J. Brawer; 18.
Nahman Avigad.
22 The following volumes o f
Hebrew Union College Annual
are dedicated to
recently deceased members o f the faculty: 37. Leon Liebreich; 40/41. Nelson
Glueck; 48. Samuel Atlas; 50. Samuel Sandmel. The following volumes of
Hebrew Union College Annual
are dedicated to living members o f the faculty:
43. Maurice Eisendrath; 50. Fritz Bamberger.