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while limitations of space only allow for the mention of a few indi­
vidual rarities.
The lack of bibliographical guides to American Jewish history
has probably discouraged some potential investigators from
specializing in the formative period of American Jewish history
when so many of today’s benevolent and fraternal institutions
had their origin and the Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox
branches ofJudaism responded to the spiritual needs of a rapidly
growing immigrant community. Bertram Korn as far back as
1960 issued a call for a revised edition of A.S.W. Rosenbach’s
AmericanJewish Bibliography,
a pioneering endeavor published in
1926 that sought to record and locate “Books and Pamphlets by
Jews or Relating to them Printed in the United States from the
Establishment of the Press in the Colonies until 1850.”2 Despite
the three supplements to Rosenbach’s 689 entries by Jacob
Marcus, Edwin Wolf 2nd and Nathan Kaganoff bringing the
overall census of pre-1851 works to 1,354 items,3 there does not
exist a comprehensive and integrated bibliographical checklist of
publications of Jewish interest printed in the United States to
1850, let alone to 1900. The present writer is engaged in
compiling a multilingual research bibliography of American
Judaica to 1900; as it nears completion, over 6,000 books, pam­
phlets, tracts and serials have been verified and located in Ameri­
can libraries, including those with outstanding collections of early
Americana, Judaica, Hebraica and Yiddica.
It is perhaps natural that the American Jewish Historical Soci­
ety (Waltham, Mass.) was the fortunate beneficiary of Dr.
Rosenbach’s personal collection ofJewish Americana. As a result,
2 Bertram W. Korn, “A Proposal to the Membership of the American Jewish
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Publications o f the
American Jewish Historical Society
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3 Jacob R. Marcus,
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ment III: Judaica Americana Printed Before 1851” in Charles Berlin, ed.,
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