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Judaica, the Library Company of Philadelphia possesses consid­
erable strength in Jewish Americana and is by no means limited
in scope to institutional publications originating in Philadelphia.
Researchers will find at the Library Company (founded 1731),
comfortable facilities and a helpful staff to service one of the
country’s finest collections of Americana. Many of the items
recorded by Rosenbach are to be found here, enhanced by sev­
eral rarities identified by Edwin Wolf in his supplement to
Rosenbach. The first
Constitution and By-laws of theAmericanJewish
Publication Society,
founded by Isaac Leeser (Philadelphia, 1845),
is preserved here, together with relatively modern works such as
Services Commemorative of the Seventy-ninth Anniversary of the
Birth of Abraham Lincoln by the Republican National League
(Washington, 1888), containing on pp. 19-21 remarks by Simon
Wolf on Lincoln’s sensitivity to Jewish interests. Next door to the
Library Company is the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Library, by no means void ofJewish materials but certainly not in
the same profusion as its neighbor. Finally, a visit to Gratz College
in Philadelphia, with a comparatively small library of 42,000
volumes, may be especially appropriate for anyone interested in
early musical scores owing to the Eric Mandell collection housed
In terms of sheer size (335,000 volumes), broad subject scope
of its resources, and “user-friendliness,” the Klau Library of the
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati
is an especially attractive site for consulting early Jewish Ameri­
cana. The post-Rosenbach years beginning in 1851 are well rep­
resented by literally hundreds of liturgies, Bibles, sermons, cate­
chisms, textbooks, grammars, novels, and newspapers, with vari­
ant printings and editions routinely kept for purposes of textual
comparison.8 In existence for over a hundred years and with
8 Allan E. Levine,
An AmericanJewish Bibliography: A List o fBooks and Pamphlets by
Jews or Relating to Them Printed in the United from 1851 to 1875, which are in the
Possession of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute o f Religion Library in
(Cincinnati, 1959). An unpublished preliminary compilation pre­
pared in 1973 by Leopold Naum Friedman covering the holdings o f the
American Jewish Historical Society for the same period is available at the