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A l t e r D r u y a n o w .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Druya near Vilna
in 1870, died in Tel Aviv, May 10,1938.
Zionist throughout his life
who settled in Palestine after WW I, he collected material about the
Hibbat Zion movement which preceded the Zionist Organization
led by Theodor Herzl and published important source material
about it. He edited various Zionist journals in Palestine and also
compiled a book on Jewish humor which passed through several
editions. His Hebrew style was admired for its clarity and brilliance.
S o l o m o n b e n J o e l D u b n o .
250th anniversary of birth. Born in Dubno,
Ukraine, October 12, 1738, died in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in
1813. His principal claim to fame is his projected Hebrew commen­
tary to the German translation of the Torah, sponsored by Moses
Mendelssohn, to whom he had come as a Hebrew teacher for his
children. However, he did not continue this collaboration because
many of his friends felt that this project would eventually alienate
people from traditional Judaism. The commentary that he wanted
to publish on his own never saw the light of day. Instead he wrote
some occasional poems and prepared a catalog o f his own very valu­
able Hebrew library.
B e n j a m in D u b o v s k y .
100th anniversary o f birth and 25th anniversary of
death. Born in Talna, Ukraine, January 7, 1888, died in New York,
September 11, 1963. Coming to this country in 1905, he became a
physician, but his interest in the well-being o f his fellow Jews
impelled him to write a series o f popular works on medicine and
hygiene in Yiddish. Thus Yiddish literature became enriched by this
U r i N i s s a n G n e s s i n .
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Starodub,
Ukraine, around 1880, died in Warsaw, April 5, 1913. As a friend
and associate o f Joseph Hayyim Brenner, he collaborated on some
o f his magazines. A wanderer, who spent part of his life in England
and Palestine, he could never find his proper footing. His Hebrew
stories were characterized by psychological insight and are consid­
ered to have advanced Hebrew prose writing, adding a new dimen­
sion to this new literature.
R o b e r t G o r d i s .
80th birthday. Born in New York, February 6
prominent Conservative rabbi, who also taught at the Jewish Theo­
logical Seminary and at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in
Philadelphia, he has devoted his scholarship to the Bible. He has
published translations and commentaries on Job, Proverbs, Song of
Songs, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther. But he has also dealt
with more general concerns, as evidenced by his latest book,
Ethics for a Lawless World
(1986). Other books have been
A Faith for
(1960, 1971),
Love & Sex, a ModemJewish Perspective (
Understanding Conservative Judaism