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Music in Its Historical Development
(1929, 1967, 1981), and
Liturgy and Its Development
(1932, 1967).
J u d a h L o e b J e i t t e l e s .
150th anniversary o f death. Born in Prague in
1773, died in Vienna, June 6, 1838. Son o f a physician, he promoted
the Haskalah o f Prague with its Austrian patriotism and Jewish
national pride. He directed the educational system o f his Jewish
community and collaborated in the various Haskalah periodicals.
Eventually moving to Vienna, he edited one o f them. He also pub­
lished an Aramaic grammar and collaborated on a German Bible
translation published in Vienna.
J e w i s h
P u b l ic a t io n Soc ie ty
o f
America. 100th anniversary o f found­
ing. Established with headquarters in Philadelphia, Jun e 3, 1888.
This was the third such Jewish book club, the two preceding ones,
having existed for brief periods in the 1840’s and 1870’s. Among its
major projects in its early years were the publication o f the English
translation of Heinrich Graetz’s
History of theJews
(1891-1898) and
the important work by Louis Ginzberg,
The Legends of the Jews
, the
first volume o f which appeared in 1909 and the concluding seventh
in 1938. It likewise published a new translation o f the Bible for
American Jews in 1917 and more recently a new revised edition,
begun in 1962 and completed in 1978, with a one-volume edition
appearing in 1985. To indicate that its interests are world-wide, it
has shortened its name in recent years to Jewish Publication Society.
An elaborate catalogue o f its publications was prepared by Joshua
(Of Making Many Books,
J a c o b K a b a k o f f .
70th birthday. Born in New York City, March 20,
1918. A graduate o f the Jewish Theological Seminary, he served as
Conservative rabbi and from 1952-1968 as dean o f the Cleveland
College o f Jewish Studies. Since that time he has been professor o f
modern Hebrew literature at Lehman College in New York. His
specialty has been the evaluation o f modern Hebrew writers in the
United States, a hitherto neglected field. Two major works in
Hebrew are devoted to this task. In English he edited the selected
writings o f Naphtali Herz Imber (1856-1909), who is best known as
the author o f
the Zionist anthem, which became Israel’s
national anthem. The title of the work is
Master ofHope,
published in
1985. For quite a few years now he has served as the editor of this
A b r a h a m I s a a c K a t s h .
80th birthday. Born in Indura, Poland, August
10, 1908. In the United States since 1925, he has been a professor of
Hebrew at New York University and president o f Dropsie Univer­
sity in Philadelphia. He has promoted and chronicled Hebrew stud­
ies at American universities (
Hebrew in American Higher Education,
1941), showed the influence o f Judaism on Islam
{Judaism in Islam,