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L ’Chayim
(1949) in roman characters to facilitate the under­
standing o f the non-Hebrew reader. He also edited
A History of the
Bene Israel of India,
written earlier by H.S. Kehimkar (1937).
H a r r y
O r l i n s k y .
80th birthday. Born in Owen Sound, Ontario, Can­
ada, March 14, 1908. For many years professor o f Bible at the
Hebrew Union College and its predecessor in New York, the Jewish
Institute o f Religion, he was the editor-in-chief of the new edition of
the Bible translation prepared under the auspices o f theJewish Pub­
lication Society. He likewise had served earlier as the only Jewish
consultant of the
Revised Standard Version
o f the Bible for the Protes­
tant community.
Ancient Israel
(1954, 1960, 1981) recounts the his­
tory o f theJews in the biblical period with his special insights that his
textual researches afforded him.
Understanding theBible Through His­
tory and Archaeology
(1972) calls for the utilization of other disciplines
to illumine the Biblical text. He also has been active in scholarly soci­
eties, serving as president of the Society for Biblical Literature.
. 75th anniversary of death. Born in Ruzhany,
Russia, in 1843, died in Jaffa, March 15, 1913. A leading figure of
the Hibbat Zion movement and later a partisan o f the Mizrachi, he
first came to Palestine as a representative of Sir Moses Montefiore,
the great English philanthropist, who took such a great interest in
the fledgling Jewish colonies there in 1878. His involvement with
the quarrels o f the Yishuv at that time caused a frequent change in
employment, but he stayed there to the end of his life. Since he took
a middle position in his Hebrew writings between the secular nation­
alists and the traditionalists, he often offended both. But his reports
to his superiors in London are valuable in throwing light on an
important period of the development of the Jewish national home.
. 100th anniversary o f death. Born in
Novo-Zhagory, Russia, in 1835, died in Kiev, Ukraine, January 14,
1888. A rabbinic scholar, he is best remembered for his edition of
the Munich manuscript o f the Talmud with variant readings as well
as for his bibliography of talmudic editions. He also edited the
responsa of Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg, the 13th century scholar.
E l l i s R i v k i n .
70th birthday. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, September 7,
1918. Professor o f Jewish history at the Hebrew Union College in
Cincinnati, he has brought new approaches to the interpretation of
Jewish history
(The Shaping ofJewish History, a Radical Reinterpretation,
A Hidden Revolution
(1978) deals with the emergence of the
Pharisees and their place in Jewish history. His latest work,
(1984), brings an original point of view to this ever
live topic.
J e s s i e S a m p t e r .
50th anniversary of death. Born in New York in 1883,
died in Giv’at Brenner, Israel, November 25, 1938. Although from