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an Ethical Culture background, she found her way back to her peo­
ple, embracing Zionism and settling in Palestine in 1919, finally set­
tling in Giv’at Brenner. In addition to books on Zionism, she had
several volumes of poetry to her credit, such as
(1927) and
Brand Plucked From the Fire
(1937). The latter work was translated
into Hebrew.
A b b a H i l l e l S i l v e r .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Sirvintos,
Lithuania, in 1893, died in Cleveland, Ohio, November 28, 1963.
Reform rabbi, who served The Temple in Cleveland from 1917
until his death, he also became a national and international leader in
the Zionist cause. He was one the principal Jewish witnesses before
the United Nations commission that recommended the partition o f
Palestine in 1947. In addition, Jewish scholarship engaged his inter­
est, as seen in
A History ofMessianic Speculation in Israel
(1927, 1959),
Where Judaism Differed
(1956), and
Moses and the Original Torah
(1961). His ability as a preacher is evident in his collection o f ser­
Therefore Choose Life
L e o T r e p p .
75th birthday. Born in Mainz, Germany, March 4, 1913. A
rabbi in Oldenburg, Germany, until 1938, he came to this country to
serve as rabbi in various communities and also to teach Judaism at
colleges in Napa, California. He has written a number o f books on
Judaism, such as
A History of the Jewish Experience
), Judaism:
Development and Life
(1966, 1974,1982), and
The Complete Book ofJew­
ish Observance
(1980). In German he has written a history o f his
former community, bringing to light among other things new
details about his distinguished predecessor, Samson Raphael
Hirsch, the founder o f modern Orthodox Judaism.
M a t t i t y a h u T s e v a t .
75th birthday. Born in Kattowitz, Germany, July
15, 1913. A student at the Breslau rabbinical seminary, the Hebrew
University, and finally at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati,
he has been professor of Bible at the latter institution for many
years. In addition to many articles in his chosen field, he wrote
Study of the Language of the Biblical Psalms
(1955) and
The Meaning of
the Book ofJob and Other Biblical Studies
(1980). He also serves on the
board of editors o f the
Hebrew Union College Annual.
B a r u c h C h a r n e y V l a d e c k .
50th anniversary of death. Born in Dukor,
Russia, in 1886, died in New York, October 30, 1938. A revolution­
ary in Russia, he came to this country in 1908 and eventually became
managing editor o f the
Jewish Daily Forward,
the important Yiddish
daily. He also was active in Jewish and general politics, serving as a
member of the New York Board of Aldermen and later the City
Council. Some o f his writings in Yiddish were published in several