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American Jewish Non-Fiction Books
The Abraham Zvi Idelsohn memorial volume.
Ed. by Israel Adler, Bathja
Bayer and Eliyahu Schleifer, in collaboration with Lea Shalem.
Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1986. 426 + 339 p.
Research in Jewish music.
A g e s , A r n o l d .
The image ofJews andJudaism in theprelude ofFrench enlight­
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Naaman, 1986. 174 p. Paperbound.
A m i c h a i , Y e h u d a .
The selected poetry of Yehuda Amichai.
Ed. and tr. by
Chana Bloch and Stephen Mitchell. New York, Harper, 1986. 173 p.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Ruth Nevo. New York,
Sheep Meadow Press, 1986. 137 p.
English and Hebrew text o f “Mas’ey Binyamin ha-Aharon
A r m i s t e n d , S a m u e l
S i l v e r m a n , J o s e p h
K a t z , I s r a e l J .
Folk liter­
ature of Sephardic Jews II: Judeo-Spanish ballads from oral tradition, I.
Epic ballads.
Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 1986. 350 p.
A s c h k e n a s y , N e h a m a .
Eve’sjourney:feminine images in Hebraic literary tra­
Phila., Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 1986. 269 p.
B a r g a d , W a r r e n
C h y e t , S t a n l e y
P., eds.
Israeli poetry; a contempo­
rary anthology.
Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1986. 273 p.
Anthology o f poetry of the past 40 years.
B r i n , R u t h
Harvest: collectedpoems and prayers.
New York, Reconstruc­
tionist Press, 1986. 246 p.
Meditations, prayers and poems reflecting philosophy of
Reconstructionist Judaism.
C h a m e t z k y , J u l e s .
Our decentralized literature: cultural meditations in
selectedJewish and Southern writers.
Amherst, MA, Univ. o f Massachu­
setts Press, 1986. 155 p.
Author demonstrates that “who controls language and the art of
interpretation aims to control in imperial fashion historic memory,
culture, and people.”
* A number o f books published abroad are also included.
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