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F e i n , R i c h a r d
The dance of Leah: discovering Yiddish in America.
Rutherford, NJ, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. Press, 1986. 145 p.
Discusses impact o f Yiddish on American authors.
G i t e n s t e i n , R . B a r b a r a .
Apocalyptic Messianism and contemporary Jewish-
American poetry.
Albany, State Univ. o f New York Press, 1986. 137 p.
Literary-critical analysis.
H a l p e r n , W e r n e r I s r a e l .
A brand pluckedfrom thefire.
New York, Van­
tage Press, 1986. 78 p.
H a r s h a v , B e n j a m i n
B a r b a r a .
American Yiddish Poetry: A Bilingual
Berkeley, Univ. o f California Press, 1986. xxv, 813 p.
Translating with the participation of Kathryn Hefferstein, Brian
McHale, and Anita Norich. The poets represented are: A. Leyeles,
Jacob Glatshteyn, Moyshe-Leyb Halpern, J.L. Teller, Malka
Heifetz-Tussman, Barysh Vaynshteyn and H. Leyvik.
H e l f g o t t
y e t t , B a r b a r a .
In evidence: poems of the liberation ofNazi con­
centration camps.
Pittsburgh, PA, Univ. o f Pittsburgh Press, 1986. 161
K l e e b a r t , N o r m a n
L. and
M a n n , V i v i a n
Treasures of the Jewish
New York, Universe Books, 1986. 210 p.
Describes selection o f representative holdings in the Jewish
Museum o f New York.
K o v n e r , A b b a .
My little sister and selected poems 1965-1985 .
Sel. and tr. by
Shirley Kaufman. Oberlin, OH, Oberlin College, 1986. 159 p.
Po tok , Chaim.
Theo Tobiasse, artist in exile.
York, Rizzoli,
1986. 200
Monograph on Tobiasses’s paintings, many o f which are on Jew­
ish themes. Includes reproductions.
R o s e n z w e i g , E f r a im M i c h a e l .
Now I lay me down.
Winston-Salem, NC,
John F. Blair, 1986. 55 p.
S h e c h n e r , M a r k .
After the revolution: studies in the contemporary Jewish
American imagination.
Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1987. 261
Essays on Lionel Trilling, Isaac Rosenfeld, Saul Bellow, Norman
Mailer, Allen Ginsberg and Philip Roth.
S n o w d o n .
Israel a first view.
Boston, Little, Brown, 1986. 96 p.
Comprises 44 color and 30 black-on-white photographs.
S t r o m , Y a l e .
The last Jews of Eastern Europe.
New York, Philosophical
Library, 1986. unpg.
Photodocumentary depicting contemporary Jewish life in 28 East
European communities.
T a m i r , N a c h m a n , e d .
Polish Jewry 1914-1939 .
New York, Herzl Press,
1986. 212 p.