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Consists primarily o f photographs depicting Jewish life in Poland
from 1914 to 1939.
U n d e r l e i d e r - M a y e r s o n ,
J o y . Jew ish fo lk art: from biblical days to modern
New York, Summit Books, 1986. 283 p.
Photographs by Erich Lessing.
W a l d e n , D a n i e l , e d .
Studies in American Jewish literature; number 5, the
varieties ofJewish experience.
Albany, State Univ. of New York Press,
1986. 163 p.
W i l k , M e l v i n .
Jewish presence in T.S. Eliot and Franz Kafka.
Atlanta, GA,
Scholars Press, 1986. 217 p.
For Eliot the Jewish presence is manifested in consistent anti-
Semitism, while for Kafka it is a key to interesting religious dimen­
B a e z - C o m a r g o , G o n z a l o .
Archeological commentary on the Bible.
Tr. from
the Spanish. Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1986. 288 p.
Summarizes archeological evidence relating to the Bible.
B e c k w i t h , R o g e r .
The Old Testament canon of the New Testament church.
Grand Rapids,
M I ,
Erdmans, 1986. 528 p.
Offers extensive discussion of the rabbinical disputes regarding
background o f the canon and related editorial matters.
B e n t l e y , J a m e s .
Secrets ofMount Sinai: the story of the world’s oldest Bible
Codex Sinaiticus.
Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1986. 272 p.
B e r l i t z , C h a r l e s .
The lost ship of Noah: in search of the ark at Ararat.
York, Putnam’s 1987. 203 p.
Asserts that definitive proof now exists regarding validity o f the
biblical flood-ark story.
B o i c e , J a m e s M o n t g o m e r y .
The minorprophets; an expositional commentary,
vol. 2,Micah
Grand Rapids,
M I ,
Zondervan, 1986. 281 p.
The Book ofEicha; MeAm Lo’ez, by Rabbi Shmuel Yeruushalmi.
Tr. and ed. by
Eliyahu Touger. New York/Jerusalem, Maznaim, 1986. 252 p.
The Book ofKohelet: MeAm Lo’ez; Torah anthology on the book ofEcclesiastes, by
Shmuel Yerushalmi.
Tr.. and ed. by Zvi Faier. New York, Maznaim,
1986. 297 p.
C a r r o l l , R o b e r t
Jeremiah; a commentary.
Phila., PA, Westminster
Press, 1986. 873 p.
Examines origin o f texts against their historical background.
Concordance of the Bible.
Nashville, TN, Thomas Nelson, 1986. 741 p.
Contains approximately 5200 phrases from the New King James
edition o f the Bible.
E v e r e t t , e d . a n d t r a n s .
N ow
these are the names: a new English rendi­
tion of the Book of Exodus.
New York, Schocken 1986. 230 p.