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Attempts to echo the oral, rhetorical character o f the original
G a b e l , J o h n
B. and
W h e e l e r , C h a r l e s
The Bible as literature; an intro­
New York, Oxford Univ. Press, 1986. 278 p.
G e n t z , W i l l i a m
e d .
The dictionary ofBible and religion.
Nashville, TN,
Abingdon Press, 1986. 1147 p.
Includes approximately 2800 entries on Bible on contemporary
religion, Jewish beliefs, and the history o f Christianity.
G r a y , J o h n .
New Century Bible Commentary
Joshua, Judges, Ruth.
Rapids, MI, Erdmans, 1986. 427 p. Paperbound.
The international standard Bible encyclopedia, vol. three. K
Grand Rap­
ids, MI, Erdmans, 1986. 1060 p.
K a l l a j i , Z e c h a r i a .
Historical geography of the Bible: the territories of Israel.
Jerusalem, Magnes Press/Leiden, Brill, 1986. 543 p.
K a t z , M o r d e c h a i .
Li-Vmod ule-lamed on Nevi’im: a compendium of insights,
homilies and interpretations on the prophets Judges-Shoftim.
Jewish Education Program, 1986. 233 p. Paperbound.
L i c h t , J a c o b .
Story telling in the Bible.
Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 1986. 154
Second ed. of work published in 1978.
M c C o n n e l l , F r a n k , e d .
The Bible and the narrative tradition.
New York,
Oxford Univ. Press, 1986. 152 p.
Addresses, lectures, etc. on the “Bible as literature.”
M i s c a l l , P e t e r
1 Samuel, a literary reading.
Bloomington, Indiana
Univ. Press, 1986. 198 p.
O s w a l t , J o h n
The Book of Isaiah, chapters 1-39.
Grand Rapids, MI,
Erdmans, 1986. 746 p.
New International Commentary on the Old Testament, including
a new translation o f the Hebrew text, and discussion o f historical
P r e m i n g e r , A l e x
G r e e n s t e i n , E d w a r d
e d s .
The Hebrew Bible in
literary criticism.
New York, Ungar, 1986. 619 p.
Survey of literary commentary on the Hebrew Bible from antiq­
uity to the present.
S a r n a , N a h u m
Exploring Exodus: the heritage of biblical Israel.
N e w
York, Schocken, 1986. 277 p.
S p u r g e o n ,
The treasury of David.
Nashville, Thomas Nelson, 1985.
Vol. I — Psalms 1-87, 490 p.; vol. II — Psalms 88—150, 490 p.
Work contains: original exposition o f the Book o f Psalms; collec­
tion o f illustrative extracts from the whole range of literature; series
of homiletical hints upon almost every verse; lists of writers upon
each psalm.
S t r o n g , J a m e s .
Strong’s concordance of the Bible.
Nashville, TN, Abingdon
Press, 1986. 2313 p.