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Theological dictionary of the Old Testament, vol. V, hmr-YHWH.
Ed. by G.
Schaunes Botterweck and Helmer Riggren. Tr. by David E. Green.
Grand Rapids, MI, Erdmans, 1986. 521 p.
T’rumath Tzvi: the Pentateuch with a translation by Samson Raphael Hirsch and
excerptsfrom the Hirsch commentary.
Ed. by Ephraim Oratz. English tr.
from the German by Gertrude Hirschler. New York, Judaica Press,
1986. 1057 p.
The world of the Bible; Bible handbook, vol. I.
Ed. by A.S. Van der Woude et
al. Tr. by Sierd Woudstra. Grand Rapids, MI, Erdmans, 1986. 400
Compact survey of the geography, archeology, languages, and
history of the ancient Near East, including the textual history and
institutions of the Bible.
A h r o n i , R e u b e n .
YemeniteJewry, origins, culture, and literature.
ton, Indiana Univ. Press, 1986. 227 p.
Comprehensive portrait of the Jews of Yemen, chronicling their
origins and history.
A l f a s i , E l i y a h u
T o r g m a n , Y e c h i e l .
Babi Sali, our holy teacher: his
life, piety, teachings and miracles: Rav Israel Abuchatzeirah.
E d .
by C.T.
Bari. Tr. by Leah Dolinger. New York, Judaica Press, 1986. 224 p.
A l t s h u l e r , D a v i d , e d .
TheJews ofWashington, D.C.; a communal anthology.
Chappaqua, NY, Rossel Books, 1986. 360 p.
A n a t i , E m m a n u e l .
TheMountain ofGod: Har Karkom; archeologicalfinds on
the route of Exodus.
New York, Rizzoli, 1986. 360 p.
Presents evidence identifying Har Karkom in the Negev, on the
border between Israel and Egypt, as Mount Sinai.
A r a d , Y i t z h a k .
Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: the Operation Reinard death
Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1987. 437 p.
Over one and a half million Jews were killed by the Nazis in these
three death camps in 1942-1943 with only some 200 surviving the
A v i g a d , N a c h m a n .
Hebrew bullae from the time ofJeremiah; remnants of a
burnt archive.
Jerusalem, Israel Exploration Society, 1986. 139 p.
A v r a h a m , S h m u e l
K u s h n e r , A r l e n e .
Treacherousjourney: my escape
from Ethiopia.
New York, Steimatzky Shapolsky, 1986. 178 p.
B a r o n , S a l o
The contemporary relevance of history; a study in approaches
and methods.
New York, Columbia Univ. Press, 1986. 158 p. Critical
assessment of various approaches to the study of history; psycho­
history, quantitative history, socio-religious approach, social-cul­
tural analysis.