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Shcharansky hero of our times.
New York, Viking, 467 p.
G i lm a n , S a n d e r
h. Jewish se lf hatred: anti-Semitism and the hidden language
of theJews.
Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1986. 461 p.
Examines historiography o f Jewish self-hatred and traces
responses o f Jewish writers to charge that Jews are unable to com­
mand the language o f the larger society in which they live.
G o l d b e r g , M . H i r s h .
The Jewish connection: the incredible . . . ironic . . .
. .
.funny . . . and provocative in the story of theJews.
Updated ed.
New York, Steimatzky Shapolsky, 1986. 252 p. Paperbound.
G o l d b e r g , R o b e r t A l a n .
Back to the soil: the Jewish farmers of Clarion,
Utah, and their world.
Salt Lake City, Univ. o f Utah Press, 1986. 196 p.
H a c o h e n , D v o r a
M e n a c h e m .
One people: the story of the EasternJews.
Rev. ed. New York, Adama, 1986. 208 p.
H a d d a d , H e s k e l
Flightfrom Babylon, Iraq, Iran, Israel, America as told to
Phyllis Rosenteur.
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1986. 373 p.
H a g g a r d , V i r g i n i a .
My life with Chagall: seven years ofplenty with the master
as told by the woman who shared them.
New York, Donald I. Fine, 1986.
190 p.
H a n d l e r , A n d r e w .
From the ghetto to the games:Jewish athletes in Hungary.
New York, Columbia Univ. Press, 1986. 140 p.
H a r t m a n , G e o f f r e y H . , e d .
Bitburg in moral and political perspective.
Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1986. 284 p.
P e t e r .
Ordinary heroes: Ghana Szenes and the dream ofZion.
New York,
Putnam’s, 1986. 271 p.
H i r s c h f e l d , G e r h a r d , e d .
The policies ofgenocide:Jews and Soviet prisoners
of war in Nazi Germany.
Winchester, MA, Allen
Unwin, 1986. 172
Five leading German historians discuss the German army’s direct
involvement in and responsibility for the Holocaust.
H o l d e r , M e i r .
History of the Jewish people from Yavneh to Pumpedisa.
Brooklyn, Mesorah, 1986. 323 p.
H o l z b e r g , C a r o l
Minorities and power in a black society: theJewish com­
munity ofJamaica.
Lanham, MD, The North-South Publ. 1987. 259 p.
Traces progress o f the Jewish community in Jamaica from the
16th century through the present.
H o o k , S i d n e y .
Out of step: an unquiet life in the 20th century.
New York,
Row, 1987. 628 p.
I r a n i , G e o r g e B .
Thepapacy and theMiddle East: the role of the Holy See in the
Arab-Israel conflict, 1962-1984 .
Notre Dame, IN, Univ. o f Notre
Dame Press, 1986. 218 p.