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J a c o b o v i t s , I m m a n u e l .
I f only my people . . . Zionism in my life.
ton, D.C., B’nai B’rith Books, 1986. 280 p.
J o h n s o n , P a u l .
A history of theJews.
New York, Harper &Row, 1987. 644
Work authored by a “non-professional” historian, ajournalist of
the Catholic faith deeply impressed with the survivalist capacity of
the Jewish people.
K a t z , J a c o b .
The darker side of genius: Richard Wagner’s anti-Semitism.
Hanover, NH, Univ. Press of New England (for Brandeis University
Press), 1986. 158 p.
Jewish emancipation and self-emancipation.
Phila., Jewish
Publication Society, 1986. 189 p.
Work postulates that, in historic perspective, the two aspirations
are not mutually exclusive.
K a t z , J a c o b , e d .
Toward modernity: the European Jewish model.
Brunswick, Transaction Books, 1987. 279 p.
Compares modernization in the German-Jewish experience with
that o f other lands.
K l e i n , H e r b e r t A r t h u r .
The peoples of Israel: fifty-seven centuries ofpres­
Malibu, CA, J. Simon, Pangalos Press, 1986. 240 p.
K o p pm a n , L i o n e l
P o s t a l , B e r n a r d .
Guess who’s Jewish in American
history: noted politicians, labor leaders, military men, doctors, scientists, reli­
gious leaders, judicial giants, patriots, early settlers, and much more.
rev. ed. New York, Steimatzky Shapolsky, 1986.336 p. Paperbound.
K o w a l s k i , I s a a c , e d .
Anthology of armedJewish resistance 1939-1945 , vol.
Brooklyn, NY, Jewish Combatant Publ. 1986. 646 p.
Record o f factual accounts o f Jewish resistance by partisans and
underground activists, as well as Jewish servicemen and women in
Allied armies during the Holocaust period.
K r a l l , H a n n a .
Shielding theflame: an intimate conversation with Dr. Marek
Edelman, the last surviving leader of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.
Tr. by
Joanna Stasinska and Lawrence Wechsler. New York, Henry Holt,
1986. 124 p.
K r a m i s h , A r n o l d .
The griffin: the greatest untold espionage story of World
War II.
New York, Houghton Mifflin, 1986. 294 p.
Account of espionage activities of a German science editor who
also helped Lisa Meitner to escape from Germany.
K r u l l , M a r i a n n e .
Freud and hisfather.
Tr. by Arnold J. Pomerans. New
York, W.W. Norton, 1986. 294 p.
Biographical study highlighting father’s religious background in
a Galician shtetl.
K u g e lm a s s , J a c k .
The miracle of Intervale Avenue: the story of aJewish con­
New York, Schocken, 1986. 231 p.