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Ethnographic account, basis o f a documentary film on television.
L a q u e u r , W a l t e r
B r i e t m a n , R i c h a r d .
Breaking the silence.
York, Simon and Schuster, 1986. 320 p.
Biography of Edward Schulte, a German industrialist who was the
first to alert the West to Hitler’s evil decision to exterminate Euro­
pean Jewry.
L o e s c h e r , G i l
S c a n l a n , J o h n
Calculated kindness: refugees and
Americas half-open door, 1945 to thepresent.
New York, The Free Press,
1986. 346 p.
L o w e n s t e i n , S h a r o n R .
Token refuge: the story of theJewish Refuge Shelter at
Oswego, 1944-1946 .
Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1986. 246 p.
L y m a n , D a r r y l .
Great Jews in music.
Middle Village, NY, 1986. 326 p.
Biographical studies.
M a c c o b y , H y a m .
The mythmaker: Paul and the invention ofChristianity.
York, Harper & Row, 1986. 237 p.
Uses evidence from rabbinic literature to establish that Paul was
not a Pharisee, contrary to opinions reflected in the New Testament.
M a r k i s h , S im o n P e r e t s o v i c h .
Erasmus and the Jews.
Tr. from the Rus­
sian by Anthony Olcott. Chicago, Univ. o f Chicago Press, 1986. 263
Questions accuracy o f opinions regarding Erasmus’ anti-
M a r k s , S t a n l e y
J. and
M a r k s , E t h e l M
.Judaism looks at Christianity
B.C .E .-1986 C.E.
San Marino, CA, Bureau o f International Affairs,
1986. 245 p.
M a z a r , B e n j a m in .
The early biblical period; historical studies.
Ed. by Shmuel
Ahituv and Baruch A. Levine. Jerusalem, Israel Exploration Soci­
ety, 1986. 266 p.
Collection of essays on archeology.
M e lm a n ,
The master terrorist: the true story of Abu Nidal.
New York,
1986. 215 p.
M i l l e r , J . M a x w e l l
H a y s , J o h n H .
A history of ancient Israel and
Phila., Westminster, 1986. 523 p.
M o r e e n , V e r a B a s c h .
Iranian Jewry’s hour of peril and heroism: a study of
BaBai ibn Luft’s chronicle (1617—1662).
New York/Jerusalem, Ameri­
can Academy for Jewish Research, 1987. 247 p.
N e b e n z a h l , K e n n e t h .
Maps of the Holy Land: images of Terra Sancta
through the millenia.
New York, Abbeville Books, 1986. 164 p.
Sixty maps of the Holy Land ranging from 150 C.E. to 1818.
N e g e v , A v r a h a m .
Nabatean archeology today.
New York, New York Univ.
Press, 1986. 155 p.
Survey o f what is currently known o f Nabatean history and cul­