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S t o c k , E r n e s t .
Partners & purse strings: a history of the United Israel Appeal.
Lanham, MD, Univ. Press of America, 1987. 242 p. Paperbound.
T a lm o n , S h e m a r y a h u .
King, cult and calendar; collected studies on ancient
Jerusalem, Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1986. 243 p.
T e l l e r , H a n o c h .
The story of the Steipler gaon: the life and times of Rabbi
Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky.
Brooklyn, NY, Mesorah, 1986. 96 p.
T e n n e n b a u m , S a m u e l L ip a .
Zloczow memoir.
New York, Shengold, 1986.
295 p.
T r i b e r g , T h o m a s
e d
.Jews in India.
New York, Advent Books, 1986.
373 p.
Reference work including source materials on all major Jewish
communities in India.
V a r n e d a , P e r e V i l l a l b a I .
The historical method of Flavius Josephus.
Leiden, Brill 1986. 295 p.
Studies in Yiddish literature and folklore.
Jerusalem, Hebrew University,
Yiddish Department, 1986. 235 p.
Translations of lectures at the First International Conference on
Research in Yiddish language and literature at Oxford, August
W i g o d e r , G e o f f r e y .
The story of the Synagogue; a Diaspora Museum book.
New York, Harper
Row, 1986. 208 p.
Survey of the history of the Synagogue from the classical period
through the 20th century.
W i l s o n , I a n .
Exodus: the true story behind the biblical account.
New York,
Row, 1985. 208 p.
Identifies the eruption of the Mediterranean volcano of
Santorini, ca. 1450 B.C.E., as the source of plagues and tidal wave
that parted the Sea of Reeds.
Z im m e rm a n n , M o s h e .
Wilhelm Marr the patriarch of anti-Semitism.
York, Oxford Univ. Press, 1986. 178 p.
Z u c c o t t i , S u s a n .
The Italians and the Holocaust; persecution, rescue, and sur­
New York, Basic Books, 1987. 334 p.
Work focuses on two major themes: The relatively small losses
suffered by Italian Jewry due toJewish courageousness vis-a-vis the
Nazis, and the deafening silence o f the pope regarding Nazi mon­
A b r a h a m I b n D a u d .
The exalted faith.
Tr. from the Hebrew with com­
mentary by Norbert M. Samuelson. Cranbury, NJ, Fairleigh Dickin­
son Univ. Press, 1986. 406 p.
Contains the complete Solomon ben Labi Hebrew translation of
the original lost Arabic text.