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A d a h a n , M i r ia m .
Emeth: a step-by-step guide to emotional maturity established
through Torah.
Jerusalem/ New York, Feldheim, 1987. 230 p.
Guide for coping with adversity by applying Torah values and
A d e lm a n , P e n i n a
Miriam’s well: ritualsforJewish women around the year.
Fresh Meadows, NY, Biblio Press, 1986. 143 p. Paperbound.
Amalgam of ideas and suggestions on how to create rituals.
A t t a r , H a y y im B e n M o s e s .
Or ha-hayyim
Light ofLife: a compendium of
the writings of Rabbi Chaim ben Attar.
Tr. by Chaim Feuer. San
C A ,
Borgo Press, 1986. 236 p.
A v e r y - P e c k , A l a n J .
Mishnah’s division of agriculture: a history and theology
of Seder Zeraim.
Chico, CA, Scholars Press, 1985. 441 p.
B r e s l a u e r , S . D a n i e l , e d .
Modem Jewish morality; a bibliographical survey.
Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 239 p.
Annotated bibliography o f over 800 articles and books.
B u l k a , R e u v e n
Jewish marriage: a halakhic ethic.
Hoboken, NJ,
Ktav/New York, Yeshiva Univ. Press, 1986. 255 p. Paperbound.
B u r n s , R i t a J .
Has the Lord indeed spoken only through Moses?: a study of the
biblical portrait of Miriam.
Atlanta, GA, Scholars Press, 1987. 142 p.
B u r r e l l , D a v i d B .
Knowing the unknowable God: Ibn-Sina, Maimonides,
Notre Dame, IN, Univ. o f Notre Dame Press, 1986. 130 p.
C a l l a n , T e r r a n c e .
Forgetting the root: the emergence of Christianity from
New York, Paulist Press, 1986. 131 p. Paperbound.
C h e s t e r , A n d r e w .
Divine revelation and divine titles in the Pentateuchical
Tuebingen, J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck) 1986, 432 p.
C o h e n , A r t h u r
M e n d e s - F l o h r , P a u l , e d s .
ContemporaryJewish reli­
gious thought: original essays on cultural concepts, movements, and beliefs.
New York, Charles Scribner’s, 1986. 1163 p.
Collection o f 140 specially commissioned essays.
C o h e n , S im c h a B u n im .
Kavod va-oneg Shabat: the radiance of Shabbos, the
complete laws of the Shabbos and festival candle-lighting.
Brooklyn, NY,
Menorah, 1986. 198 p.
Quotes sources from codes in original Hebrew.
D a n , J o s e p h , e d .
The early Kabbalah.
Tr. by Ronald
C .
Kiener. New York,
Paulist Press, 1986. 205 p. Paperbound.
D i e t r i c h , W e n d e l l
Cohen and Troeltsch: ethical monotheistic religion and
the theory of culture.
Atlanta, GA, Scholars Press, 1986. 99 p. Paper-
Examines anew the philosophies o f the two thinkers.
D r e s n e r , S a m u e l H .
The world ofa hasidic master: Levi Yitzhak ofBerditchev.
New York, Shapolosky, 1986. 236 p.
Revised and updated edition o f work published in 1974.
E c k h a r d t ,
R o y
.Jews and Christians: the contemporary meeting.
ington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1986. 177 p.