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Analysis of Rabbinic Judaism in relationship to Scripture.
Judaism, the classical statement; the evidence of the Bavli.
Chicago, The Univ. o f Chicago Press, 1986. 270 p.
Explains how and why the Bavli came to define the Jewish faith
from its time to ours.
Death and birth ofJudaism: the impact of Christianity, secular­
ism and the Holocaust on Jewish faith.
New York, Basic Books, 1987.
379 p.
Theorizes that the integrity of traditional Judaism depended his­
torically on the political supremacy of Christianity.
Judaism, Christianity, and Zorastrianism in Talmudic Baby­
Lanham, MD, Univ. Press o f America, 1986. 228 p.
The Mishnah before 70.
Atlanta, GA, Scholars Press, 1987.
290 p.
Analyzes Mishnaic strata in the Order of Purities (Seder Taharot)
which allegedly predate the year 70 C.E.
Self-fulfilling prophecy: exile and return in the history ofJuda­
Boston, Beacon, 1987. 230 p.
Elaborates concept that “exile and return,” following the destruc­
tion of the First Temple in 586 B.C.E., is the single experience basic
to all forms of Judaism.
The Passover Haggadah, legends and customs.
Interpreted by Menachem
Hacohen. New York, Adama Books, 1987. 184 p.
Includes Hebrew text with illustrations, English translation and
supplementary materials.
P e l i , P i n h a s
Torah today: a renewed encounter with Scripture.
ton, D.C., B’nai B’rith Books, 1987. 253 p.
Covers a full year’s cycle of essays on Torah.
P o r a t h , S a m u e l .
Life beyond the final curtain.
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav, 1986.
223 p.
Collection of messages to the bereaved.
R o s e n t h a l , G i l b e r t
ContemporaryJudaism: patterns ofsurvival.
2nd ed.
New York, Human Sciences Press, 1986. 401 p.
R o s n e r , F r e d .
Modem medicine and Jewish ethics.
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav,
1986. 405 p.
R o t h , J o e l .
The Halakhic process; a systematic analysis.
New York, Jewish
Theological Seminary, 1986. 398 p.
Analyzes talmudic and rabbinic sources relating to the process of
contemporary decision making in halakha.
R u n i a , D a v i d
Philo ofAlexandria and the Timaeus ofPlato.
Leiden, Brill,
1986. 617 p.
R u s s e l l ,
From early Judaism to early church.
Philadelphia, Fortress
Press, 1986. 150 p.