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Author theorizes that the network o f institutions for fund-raising
and other secular functions on the American Jewish scene express
essentially a profound religious sensitivity.
W o u k , H e r m a n .
This is my God: theJewish way of life.
Rev. ed. New York,
Schuster, 1986. 317 p. Paperbound.
Asher, Jerry
H a m m e l , E r i c .
Duel for the Golan: the 100-hour battle that
saved Israel.
New York, William Morrow, 1987. 140 p.
A v n e r y , U r i .
My friend, the enemy.
Westport, CT, Lawrence Hill, 1986.
340 p. Paperbound.
Author’s report of behind-the-scenes contacts with PLO spokes­
men regarding Arab-Israeli peace.
B e l l i n g , W i l l a r d
e d .
Middle East peace plans.
New York, St. Martin’s,
1986. 240 p.
Discusses peace proposals by “various actors” who have a mean­
ingful impact on the peace process: Israel, PLO, the United States,
the Soviet Union and Western Europe.
B e n - D o v , M e i r , e t a l .
The Western Wall.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Raph­
ael Posner. New York, Adama Books, 1986. 246 p.
Comprehensive study of all aspects, architectural, historical and
B e n - P o r a t h , Y o r a m , e d .
The Israeli economy maturing through crises.
Cambridge, MA, Harvard Univ. Press, 1986. 425 p.
B e n - R a f a e l , E l i e z e r .
Israel-Palestine, a guerilla conflict in internationalpoli­
Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 1987. 230 p.
Draws distinction between Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that of
the Jewish state vis-a-vis its neighbors, defining the latter as a “gue­
rilla conflict.”
B e n v e n i s t i , M e r o n .
Conflict and contributions.
New York, Random
House, 1986. 210 p.
Focuses on alleged conflicts and contradictions inherent in Zionist
C o h e n , R i c h a r d
The return to the Land of Israel.
Jerusalem, Zalman
Shazar Center for Jewish History, 1986. 145 p.
Condensed history of the Yishuv from the end of the 18th century
to the establishment o f Israel.
D a v i s , M o s h e , e d .
With eyes toward Zion
vol. II; themes and sources in the
archives of the United States, Great Britain, Turkey and Israel.
New York,
Praeger, 1986. 408 p.
Second International Scholars Colloquium on American-Holy
Land Studies.