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D i a m o n d , J a m e s S .
Homeland or Holy Land?: the “Canaanite” critique of
Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1986. 181 p.
Work deals with the poet Yonatan Ratosh and his contention that
Israel should develop as a Middle-eastern entity embracing diverse
local ethnic groups.
Documents on the foreign policy of Israel, vol. 4, May-December 1949.
Ed. by
Yemina Rosenthal. Jerusalem, Israel State Archives, 1986. LXXVII
+ 367 p.
Companion volume to Teudot li-medinut ha-hutz shel Medinat
Yisrael, published simultaneously, which also includes some docu­
ments in English.
E l - S h a z l y , S a a d .
The Arab military option.
San Francisco, American
Mideast Research, 1986. 329 p.
Analysis of the future balance of power in the Middle East,
prognosticating a shift in favor of the Arabs.
G o r d o n , H a im .
Dance, dialog, and despair: existentialistphilosophy and educa­
tionfor peace in Israel.
University, AL, Univ. o f Alabama Press, 1986.
250 p.
Presents approach o f “learning to live together” to resolve prob­
lems of Israeli-Arab co-existence.
H a r o n , M i r i a m J o y c e .
Palestine and the Anglo-American connection,
New York, P. Lang, 1986. 209 p.
H a z l e t o n , L e s l e y
Boston, Atlantic Monthly, 1986. 243 p.
Descriptive and rich in historical references.
H o r o w i t z , D a v i d .
Pastor Charles Taze Russell: an early American Christian
New York, Philosophical Library, 1986. 159 p.
K a m e l , M o h a m e d I b r a h im .
The Camp David accords; a testimony.
Routledge & Kegan, 1987. 414 p.
Sadat’s foreign minister is critical o f Egypt’s stand in signing the
K o t l e r ,
Hail Kahane.
New York, Adama Books, 1986. 212 p.
L e v i n e , E t a n , e d .
Voices from Israel: understanding the Israeli mind.
York, Herzl Press, 1986. 283 p.
L e w i s , B e r n a r d .
Semites and anti-Semites: an inquiry into conflict and preju­
New York, W.W. Norton, 1986. 283 p.
Study of the phenomenon of anti-Semitism, European style, cur­
rently on the rise in the Moslem world.
N e g e v , A v r a h a m , e d .
The archeological encyclopedia of the Holy Land.
Nashville, T. Nelson, 1986. 419 p.
N e t a n y a h u , B e n j a m in , e d .
Terrorism; how the West can win.
New York,
Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1986. 254 p.
N o v i k , N im r o d .
The United States and Israel: domestic determinants of a
changing U.S. commitment.
Boulder, CO, Westview, 1986. 176 p.