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with assistance o f Cindy Cohen. Norwood, PA, Norwood Editions,
1986. 178 p.
B e n - P o r a t , A m i r .
Between class and nation: theformation of theJewish work­
ing class in theperiod before Israels statehood.
Westport, CT, Greenwood
Press, 1986. 245 p.
Applies Marxist conceptions to examine the emergence o f the
Jewish working class in Palestine 1882—1948.
B e r k o w i t z , G i l a .
The newJewish cuisine.
Garden City, NY, Doubleday,
1986. 206 p.
Kosher cookbook with 150 recipes.
B l a s i , J o s e p h .
The communal experience of the kibbutz.
New Brunswick, NJ,
Transaction Books, 1986. 210 p.
B r a y e r , M e n a c h e m .
TheJewish woman in rabbinic literature; vol. 1, a psycho­
social perspective, 352 p.; vol. 2, a psychohistorical perspective, 285 p.
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav, 1986.
B r u m b e r g , S t e p h a n
Going to America, going to school: the Jewish immi­
grant public school encounter in tum-of-the-century New York City.
York, Praeger, 1986. 282 p.
C o h e n , S t e v e n
M. and
H y m a n , P a u l a E . , e d s .
TheJewishfamily: myths and
New York, Holmes & Meier, 1986. 242 p.
Papers presented at Conference on the Evolving Jewish Family,
Queens College, June 1981.
C o h e n , S t u a r t A .
D o n - Y e h i y a , E l i e z e r , e d s .
Conflict and consensus
inJ ewish political life.
Ramat Gan, Bar Ilan Univ. Press, 1986. 218 p.
Surveys manifestations of conflict and cooperation inJewish com­
munal government.
G h a t a n , H .E . Y e d i d i a h .
The invaluable pearl: the unique status of women in
New York, Bloch, 1986. 186 p. Paperbound.
G o l d s c h e i d e r , C a l v i n .
AmericanJewish fertility; trends and differentials in
the Providence metropolitan area.
Atlanta, GA, Scholars Press, 1986.
140 p. Paperbound.
Jewish community and change; emerging patterns in America.
Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1986. 195 p.
Elaborates theory that the Jewish community in America remains
highly cohesive.
H u r w i c - N o w a k o w s k a , I r e n a .
A social analysis of postwar Polish Jewry.
Jerusalem, Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History, 1986. 157 p.
L e v i , M i r ia m .
EffectiveJewish parenting.
New York/Jerusalem, Feldheim,
1986. 236 p.