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Applies modern cognitive psychological insights to buttress edu­
cational teachings of Judaism.
L i f t o n , R o b e r t J .
The Nazi doctors: medical killing and thepsychology ofgeno­
New York, Basic Books, 1986. 561 p.
L u t s k e , H a r v e y .
The book ofJewish customs.
New York, Jason Aronson,
1986. 383 p.
Provides brief descriptions of common Jewish folkways.
M e i e r , L e v i , e d .
Jewish values in bioethics.
New York, Human Science
Press, 1986. 195 p.
R o t h s t e i n , J o s e p h , e d .
Meeting life’s challenges with pastoral counseling.
New York, Vantage Press, 1986. 172 p.
S c h u l m a n , Z e l l J .
Something differentfor Passover.
Gainesville, FL, Triad,
1986. 188 p.
S h a m g a r - H a n d e lm a n , L e a .
Israeli war widows: beyond the glory of heroism.
South Hadley, MA, Bergin & Garvey, 1986. 219 p.
Explores what happened to the families, especially the wives of
soldiers killed in Israel’s five major wars.
S h u a r t , A d e l e K r o n i c k .
Signs inJudaism: a resource bookfor theJewish deaf
New York, Bloch, 1986. 176 p.
Includes material and instruction on Jewish subjects.
S o b e l ,
Migrantsfrom the Promised Land.
New Brunswick, Transaction
Books, 1986. 245 p.
S p e r o , M o s h e H a l e v i .
Handbook of psychotherapy and Jewish ethics:
Halakhic perspectives and professional values and techniques.
lem/New York, Feldheim, 1986. 312 p.
Resource of classical and philosophical insights and halakhic doc­
S t a v r o u l a k i s , N i c h o l a s .
Cookbook of the Jews of Greece.
Port Jefferson,
NY, Cadmus Press, 1986. 266 p. Paperbound.
T a m a r i , M e i r .
With all your possessions”: Jewish ethics and economic life.
New York, Free Press/Macmillan, 1986. 340 p.
W a l l im a n , I s i d o r
D o b k o w s k i , M i c h a e l
e d s .
Genocide and the
modern age: etiology and case studies ofmass death.
Westport, CT, Green­
wood Press, 1987. 322 p.
A i g e n , R o n a l d
S. and
H u n d e r t , G e r s h o n
e d s .
Community and the
individual Jew: essays in honor of Lavy M. Becker.
Phila., Reconstruc­
tionist Rabbinical College Press, 1986. 195 p. Paperbound.
American Jewish Year Book 1986; vol. 86.
Ed. Milton Himmelfarb and
David Singer. New York, American Jewish Committee/Phila., Jew­
ish Publication Society, 1986. 516 p.