Page 228 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 45

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A x e l r a d , A l b e r t S .
Call to conscience:Jews,Judaism, and conscientious objec­
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav/Nyack, NY, Jewish Peace Fellowship, 1986.
207 p. Paperbound.
B l o o m f i e l d , B r y n n a C .
M o s k o w i t z , J a n e M .
Traveling Jewish in
America: the complete guide for 1986for business and pleasure.
Lodi, NJ,
Wandering You Press, 1986. 407 p. Paperbound.
B o m z e r , H e r b e r t
The Kolel in America.
New York, Shengold, 1986.
182 p.
Describes history, philosophy, structure, programs o f study, etc.
at 14 Kolelim and their impact on American Jewish life.
C a r m i l l y - W e i n b e r g e r , M o s h e e d .
The rabbinical seminary of Budapest
1877-1977; a centennial volume.
New York, Sepher-Hermon, 1986.
334 + 54 Hebrew p.
C u r t i s , M i c h a e l , e d .
The Middle East reader.
New Brunswick, NJ, Trans­
action Books/Rutgers University, 1986. 485 p. Paperbound.
Articles included are drawn from the quarterly Middle East
Review on subjects o f Arab nationalism, Islamic fundamentalism,
Judaism and Israel, oil, etc.
D a v i s , N a n c y
L e v i t t , J o y .
The guide to everythingJewish in New York.
N e w
York, Adama Books, 1986. 334 p.
Includes programs for college students, educational institutions,
museums, bookstores, Synagogues, etc.
F e l d m a n , L o u i s
.Josephus, a supplementary bibliography.
New York, Gar­
land, 1986. 696 p.
F r a n k , R u t h
S. and
W o l l h e i m , W i l l i a m , e d s .
The book ofJewish books: a
reader’s guide to Judaism.
San Francisco, CA, Harper &
R o w ,
320 p.
G a l v i n , G e r m a n
T a m a r k i n , S t a n .
The Yiddish dictionary sourcebook: a
transliterated guide to the Yiddish language.
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav, 1986.
317 p.
Includes over 8500 Yiddish words and phrases in the Hebrew
alphabet, translated and transliterated, and rendered phonetically.
G a r b e r , Z e v , e d .
Methodology in the academic teaching ofJudaism.
MD, Univ. Press o f America, 1986. 284 p. Paperbound.
G e l b e r , M a r k H .
Identity and ethos: afestschriftfor Sol Liptzin on the occasion
of his 85th birthday.
New York, Peter Lang, 1986. 412 p.
Includes materials on Yiddish literature, German-Jewish studies,
Jews and Jewish literature in America, biblical themes in world liter­
ature, and Jewish cultural history.
H am m e r , G o t t l i e b .
Goodfaith and credit.
Cranbury, NJ, Cornwall Books,
1986. 258 p.
Memoir dealing with author’s role as executive vice-chairman of
the United Israel Appeal and president of Zim American-Israeli
Shipping Company.