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J a c k s o n , B .S . e d
.Jewish Law Association studies II; theJerusalem conference
Atlanta, GA, Scholars Press, 1986. 200 p.
K a y e / K a n t r o w i t z , M e l a n i e
K l e p f i s z , I r e n a , e d s .
The tribe ofDina:
aJewish womans anthology.
Montpelier, VT, Sinister Wisdom Books,
1986. 335 p. Paperbound.
K o h n , G a r y
c o m p .
TheJewish experience: a guide to manuscript sources in
the Library of Congress.
Cincinnati, OH, American Jewish Archives,
1986. 166 p.
L a z a r u s , Emm a .
An epistle to the Hebrews.
New York, Jewish Historical
Society of New York, 1987. 109 p. Paperbound.
Reprint, originally published in the American Hebrew.
L e v k o v , I l y a , e d .
Bitburg and beyond: encounters in American, German and
Jewish history.
New York, Shapolsky, 1987. 734 p.
Collection o f sundry materials on President Reagan’s visit at
L i e b e r m a n , L e o
B e r i n g a u s e , A u t h u r , e d s .
Classics ofJewish litera­
New York, Philosophical Library, 1987. 432 p.
Anthology of selections from biblical times to the present.
L i p s i t z , E d m o n d Y .
6 -400 questions about Judaism and the Jewish people.
Downsview, Ontario, J.E.S.L. Educational Products, 1986. 516 p.
Collections o f questions and answers about Judaism and Jewish
M e d d i n g , P e t e r
Studies in contemporaryJewry II.
Bloomington, Indiana
Univ. Press, 1986. 429 p.
M i l l e r , A l l a n
God ofDaniel S.: in search of the AmericanJew.
M D ,
Univ. Press of America, 1986. 245 p.
Reprint of work published in 1969 by Macmillan.
M o w s h o w i t z , L ib b y .
Straight talk from a rabbi's wife.
New York, Gould,
Unp. Paperbound.
Collection o f monthly columns.
M u r t o n e n , A .
Hebrew in its West Semitic setting; part one: a comparative lexi­
con, section A: proper names.
Leiden, Brill, 1986. 341 p.
The 1986Jewish directory and almanac.
Comp, and ed. by Ivan L. Tillem.
New York, Pacific Press, 1985. 582 -I- 166 yellow p. Paperbound.
R a w i d o w i c z , S im o n .
Israel: the ever-dying people.
Ed. by Benjamin C.I.
Ravid. Tr. from the Hebrew and Yiddish. Cranbury, NJ, Fairleigh
Dickinson Univ. Press, 1987.
Essays focus on partnership between Israel and the Diaspora and
provide rationale for Jewish survival and creativity.
R e l i g i o n , i d e o l o g y a n d n a t i o n a l i s m in E u r o p e a n d A m e r i c a ; e s s a y s
p r e s e n t e d i n h o n o r o f Y e h o s h u a A r i e l i .
Irit Sivan et al., ed.
Jerusalem, The Historical Society of Israel and the Zalman Shazar
Center for Jewish History, 1986. 409 p.
S i n g e r m a n , R o b e r t , c o m p
.Jewish Serials ofthe World: A Research Bibliogra­