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phy of Secondary Sources.
Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 1986. xxii,
378 p.
S a r n a , J o n a t h a n
e d .
The American Jewish experience.
New York,
Meier, 1986. 303 p. Paperbound.
Includes a range of informative writings on Jews in America since
colonial times to the present.
S p e c t o r , B a r b a r a .
The great Jewish quiz book.
Phila., Jewish Publication
Society, 1986. 160 p.
S p e r b e r , D a n i e l .
Nautica Talmudica.
Ramat Gan, Bar-Ilan Univ.
Press/Leiden, Brill, 1986. 180 p.
Palestinian and rabbinic data pertaining to nautical matters.
T i g a y , A l a n M . , e d .
The Jewish traveler: Hadassah magazine’s guide to the
world’s Jewish communities and sights.
Garden City, NY, Doubleday,
1987. 400 p. Paperbound.
W e i d m a n , J e r o m e .
Prayingfor rain.
New York, Harper &Row, 1986. 422
Anecdotal memoirs.
W e x l e r , P a u l .
Explorations inJudeo-Slavic linguistics.
Leiden, Brill, 1987.
286 p. Paperbound.
Y a r d e i n i , M o r d e c a i .
Mordecai Yardeini, words and music; a selection from
his writings.
Tr. from the Yiddish and ed. by Max Rosenfeld. New
York, Yiddisher Kultur Farband/Zhitlowsky Foundation, 1986. 313
Includes excerpts from author’s biographical works, his musical
and theatrical reviews, and profiles o f literary figures.