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American Jewish Fiction Books
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A p p e l f e l d , A h a r o n
To the land o f the cattails.
Trans, from the Hebrew by
Jeffrey M. Green. New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1986. 148 p.
It is the summer of 1938 and Toni Strauss, disillusioned with her
assimilated life, leaves Austria with her half-Jewish son, Rudi, to
return to her parents’ home. Toni’s mysterious disappearance on a
train forces Rudi to confront his heritage.
A r i c h a , A m o s .
The flying camel.
New York: E.P. Dutton, 1987. 274 p.
Daniel Kottler, living in Brooklyn, seeks out the unkown identity
of his father. In Israel people remember his father as Badwi, the
Bedouin, an Israeli who had grown up with Arabs and became an
operative of Mossad. Hints lead Daniel to believe he is still alive.
A s s c h e r - P i n k h o f , C l a r a .
Star Children.
Trans, from the Dutch by
Terese Edelstein & Inez Smidt. Detroit: Wayne State Univ. Press,
1986. 255 p.
Dutch children with yellow Jewish stars are the narrators o f these
brief, but powerful vignettes which reflect the stark horror o f their
stories from childhood to detention centers, transit camps and
finally “Star Hells” like Bergen-Belsen.
B a s s a n i , G i o r g i o .
Trans, from the Italian by William Weaver.
San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1986. 179 p.
A member of the Jewish community of Ferrara and a survivor of
Italian racial persecution, Limentani spends a day hunting heron.
Incapable of bloodsport, he leaves the killing to his hired guide. The
shooting triggers an awareness of Limentani’s own defenselessness
and estrangement. A reissue.
C h e r n i n , K im .
Theflame bearers.
New York: Random House, 1986.275 p.
The Flam-Trogers or Flame Bearers is the name o f a sect of Jew­
ish women destined to secretly carry on the traditions on earth of
Chochma, the Bride, who has been displaced by her son, Shaddai.
Rich in the depth of rabbinic knowledge which is unfolded anew.
C h e u s e , A l a n .
The grandmothers club.
Salt Lake City, Utah: Gibbs M.
Smith/Peregrine Smith Books, 1986. 326 p.
* A number of translations are included.
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