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G o l d m a n , A l e x
The Rabbi is a lady.
New York: Hippocrene Books,
1987. 313 p.
Sara Weintraub, a newly widowed rebezin, is drawn to the rabbin­
ate of her late husband’s congregation. What appears to be a tempo­
rary arrangement, touches a yearning within Sara that forces recog­
nition of her talent amid social and religious controversy.
G r a d e , C h a im .
My mother’s Sabbath days: a memoir.
Trans, from the Yid­
dish by Channa Kleinerman Goldstein and Inna Hecker Grade.
New York: Knopf, 1986. 397 p.
More than a chronicle, this memoir, published in Yiddish in 1955,
recreates the life o f the peddlers and shopkeepers o f Vilna before
the Holocaust and is a loving elegy to Grade’s pious mother.
The great works of Jewish fantasy and occult.
Ed. and trans. by Joachim
Neugroschel. Woodstock, N.Y.: Overlook Press, 1986. 709 p.
Originally published in English translation in 1978 as
Yenne velt,
this collection of 31 fables and ghost stories draws on Jewish mysti­
cism and magical tales o f fantasy as the source of its imagination.
G r o s s m a n , V a s i l y .
Life and fate.
Trans, from the Russian by Robert
Chandler. New York: Harper & Row, 1986. 880 p.
This novel of the siege of Stalingrad, written in 1960, was never
published in the Soviet Union. It was smuggled out in manuscript
form on microfilm by a dissident. Grossman was a Jew born in the
Ukrainian town of Berdichev in 1905.
K e m e lm a n , H a r r y .
One fine day the rabbi bought a cross.
New York:
Morrow, 1987. 234 p.
Rabbi David Small and his wife are vacationing inJerusalem when
the disappearance of a pro-Arab American professor returns the
rabbi to his famed vocation as a detective.
K o t l o w i t z , R o b e r t .
Sea changes.
San Francisco: North Point Press,
1986. 275 p.
A teenage German boy is sent by his parents from Frankfurt to
America in pre-WWII days to be adopted by another family. A story
of enormous sacrifice that saves his life.
K u l k a , E r i c h .
Escapefrom Auschwitz.
Translated from the Czech by Hana
Aharon and Shira Nahari. Fwd. by Herman Wouk, introd. by
Yehuda Bauer. South Hadley, Mass.: Bergin &Garvey, 1986. 150 p.
A German guard at Auschwitz, Viktor Pestek, falls in love with a
Jewish woman, an inmate at the camp. To save her life, he helps her
and another inmate to escape. This fictionalized account is based on
actual events.
L e v , M i c h a .
Yordim: leaving the Promised Land for the land of promise.
M d . :
Woodbine House, 1986. 366 p.
Yosef Lvov came to the United States from Israel and now drives a
taxi in Philadelphia. Together with his younger brother, he tells the