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personal loss in a hollow existence until he returns to his religious
S t e r n , S t e v e .
LazarMalkin enters heaven: stories.
New York: Viking, 1987.
249 p.
The land o f Pinch, a mythical Jewish neighborhood in Memphis,
Tennessee, is the location o f these nine fantastic stories in which
skinny yeshiva boys perform acts of alchemy and cabala. Lazar Mal­
kin negotiates with the Angel o f Death, and the voice o f the Lord can
be heard in pay phones and from gas burners. Charmingly original
and a fresh combination of the earthy and mystical.
S u m m e r s , J u d i t h .
Dear sister.
New York:
S t .
Martin’s Press, 1986. 375 p.
Two sisters raised in the ghetto o f Katrinoslav in the early 1900s
are separated by circumstance that forces 15-year-old Esther to sail
for America while her pregnant older sister remains behind in
Russia. They are reunited sixty years later through the efforts o f
Esther’s granddaughter.