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Traces the origins o f Nazism and the rise of Hitler, down to the
history o f American Nazism and its dangers today. Concludes that
Neo-Nazis may use terrorism and violence to try and gain their ends.
* B r o d s k y , B e v e r l y .
The story of Job.
b y
the author. New York,
George Brazilier, 1986. 39 p. (7-10)
Elegant language and rich watercolors, pierced by dramatic black
spirals, communicate Job’s suffering.
B u s h , L a w r e n c e a n d V o r s p a n , A l b e r t .
Rooftop secrets and other stories.
I l lu s . b y M a r t in L e m e lm a n . N e w Y o r k , U n i o n o f A m e r i c a n H e b r e w
C o n g r e g a t i o n s .
1986. 157
p .
A collection of eight stories with children as heroes that present
dilemmas of anti-Semitism in different historical periods. Each is
introduced with a brief background sketch and followed by com­
ments which develop Jewish values and teachings.
C a s e l y , J u d i t h .
When grandpa came to stay.
New York, Greenwillow,
1986. unp. (4-8)
Little Benjy learns that adults cry, too, when widowed grandpa
breaks down because he misses his wife. The serenity o f this flower
bordered book offers reassurance to young readers facing the sad­
ness of a loved one’s death.
C h a i k i n , M i r ia m .
Illus. by Vera Rosenberry. Phila., PA, Jewish
Publication Society, 1987. 32 p. (6-10)
A smooth retelling o f the biblical story and some brief informa­
tion about how Jews celebrate Purim. Vera Rosenberry’s intricate
full-page pencil drawings reveal the opulence o f the court and the
feelings of the characters.
* C h a i k i n , M i r ia m , a d a p t o r .
I l lu s . b y C h a r l e s M i k o la y c a k . N e w
Y o r k , H o l i d a y H o u s e ,
u n p .
Chaikin’s dignified retelling befits its biblical origins, and virtuoso
Mikolaycak’s magnificent illustrations influenced by the baroque,
have sensuality, movement, and drama.
C h a i k i n , M i r ia m .
other shlemiel stories.
Illus. by Marcia Posner.
New York, Shapolsky, 1987. 87 p. (7-11)
A witty collection of original stories about shlemiels who make
good — Hinkl who couldn’t sit; Hardlucky, a loser; Yussie, the
nobody; a peddler, a poet, and a pack of fools; and greedy people
who get their comeuppance.
* C h a i k i n , M i r ia m .
Sound the shofar: the story and meaning ofRosh Hashanah
and Yom Kippur.
Illus. by Erika Weihs. New York, Clarion, 1986. 96
p. (8-12)
A superb treatment of the themes, lore, symbols, ceremonies,
prayers and history of the High Holydays. Romanized Hebrew and