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English used in prayers and ceremonies. Pronunciation guide, glos­
sary, index.
* C h a i k i n , M i r ia m .
Yossi tries to help God.
Illus. by Denise Saldutti. New
York, Harper, 1987. 80 p. (7-10)
Yossi needs an angel to help his sister to recover, so he plans on
doing a good deed to help God create an angel. However, the Rebbe
teaches him that a good deed with strings attached is no mitzvah.
Peopled with warm human beings in an interesting setting.
C i t r i n , P a u l
Joseph’s wardrobe.
Illus. by Lindsey Aitken. New York,
Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1987. 102 p. 9-14
King Solomon’s fleet commander describes his mission to recover
“Joseph’s Wardrobe” and the meaning of each item in it. A modern
midrash which explores compassion, freedom, justice, identity, and
community. Glossary. Separate teaching guide. Beautiful illustra­
C l a y t o n - F e l t , J o s h .
To be seventeen in Israel; through the eyes of an Ameri­
can teenager.
New York, Franklin Watts. Illlus. with photos. 96 p. (12
A Massachusetts teenager who had twice traveled to Israel, goes a
third time as part of his American school’s independent study pro­
gram. He takes photographs, conducts interviews, and talks with
friends he had made on previous visits — resulting in this original,
frank, and informative book.
C o h e n , F l o r e v a .
My specialfriend.
Photos by George Ancona. New York,
Board of Jewish Education of New York, 1986. unp. (4-7)
Friendship surmounts the differences between a mongoloid and
a normal boy who comes to his friend’s aid when he cannot lead the
Shabbat service.
* C o w a n , P a u l .
A Torah is written.
Photos by Rachel Cowan. Phila., PA,
Jewish Publication Society, 1986. 32 p. (6-12)
A sojourn with a Torah scribe who not only transcribes the
Hebrew text onto parchment, but must also create the materials he
works with— making the parchment, ink, and quills and following a
prescribed ritual throughout. Admirable photographs and treat­
D o m n i t z , M y e r .
Illus. with photos. (Religions of the World
Series) U.K./New York, Bookwright Pr./Franklin Watts distr. 1986.
48 p. (10-14)
An introduction to Judaism for non-Jews giving a brief history of
the Jewish people, their religion and modern-day practices, includ­
ing all denominations. However, the photos are distinctly British
D r u c k e r , M a l k a .
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda: the father of modern Hebrew.